Authenticate Users Across All Devices.

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Identify users on all devices 

On any school network there are numerous devices in use, PCs, iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, TVs and more. We make associating the user to the device simple.

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Comprehensive Google support

We integrate with Google OpenAuth so that students can use their Google account and password to log on to the school network.

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Microsoft network integration

We integrate with Microsoft domain controllers via WMI events to identify users. User group membership is determined through Active Directory integration.

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Wireless network integration

We identify users of wireless devices by integrating with the network domain controller’s RADIUS server. This approach removes the need for any captive portal.

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Microsoft Network Integration

Seamless syncing with Active Directory

If your schools use Microsoft networking technologies then you'll most likely be using Active Directory (AD) to store user and group details. We  automatically sync with AD to keep access details current.  

Domain Controller and WiFi integration

We transparently identify users on fixed PCs by integrating with the local Domain Controllers (DC) and monitoring WMI events. Mobile device users on WiFi networks are identified by enabling 802.1x and integrating with the Domain Controllers' Network Policy Server (NPS).

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Google and Chromebook Support

Google account network login

We allow students to log on to the school network using their school Google account by integrating with Google OpenAuth. We integrate with Google's directory service to limit network access to valid students and apply filtering policies based on Google groups.

Linewize Chrome extension

When a student logs into a Chromebook, our Chrome extension automatically notifies us of this event. This approach transparently identifies students on shared Chromebooks.


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Access Management Features

Every Device 110 Circle Supports All Devices
All platform including laptops, phones, tablets, TVs and media servers.
Browsers 110 Circle Supports All Browsers
All browser compatibility including Chrome, Explorer, Safari and Firefox.
Operating Systems 110 Circle Supports All Operating Systems
All OS compatibility including Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and ChromeOS.
Authentication 110 Circle Authentication Integration
Supports AD, LDAP, WMI, SSO, RADIUS, Google and Azure AD.
Google 110 Circle Google Authentication
Allow users to authenticate using their Google login credentials.
Windows 110 Circle Azure AD Authentication
Allow users to authenticate using their Azure AD login credentials.
Chrome 110 Circle Google Chrome Extension
Automatic user authentication for students using Chromebooks.
Captive Portal 110 Circle Captive Portal
Authenticate unknown users before granting internet access.
User Authentication 110 Circle Touchless BYOD Support
Students can securely and safely use personal devices at school.
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