Blocking Hotspot Shield and other VPNs

7/7/17 10:51 AM

Inviting student devices onto your school's BYOD network also invites new ICT challenges.

Schools are often unaware that student use of VPN software such as Hotspot Shield or Ultrasurf  can bypass school internet filtering and allow access to any online content.

A recent analysis Linewize conducted of a large Auckland High School found that 15% of students were using such software to bypass school internet filtering and gain access to any online content.

It is critical that school internet filtering can identify and block such VPN use to keep students away from inappropriate content and uphold the school's duty of care.

Using VPN software is very straightforward. To check if your internet filtering is vulnerable, click on either of the above links and install the software. Most likely you'll be able to access any website you wish when connected to the school network.

Block Hotspot Sheild and Ultrasurf VPNs

To counter this very issue, Linewize has just released a novel machine learning based approach to identify and block this type of traffic. Our understanding is that we are the only filtering vendor that can reliably block such network abuse. The beauty of this approach is that the students teach our systems to identify and block new VPN software.

To learn more about our statistical approach to identifying unwanted VPN traffic on computer networks you can read our technical guide.

If you'd like to quantify whether this is an issue on your school network, identify which students are using VPNs and then block such network abuse, Linewize can provide a 30 day trial. Click on the button below to register your interest.

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