Family Zone Partner School Program Roadshow, coming to a location near you

11/2/18 8:19 AM

Let the Family Zone team shout breakfast while you learn about Family Zone’s Partner School Program, which provides schools with access to a powerful ecosystem of technologies that ensure no matter what network a student uses to access the internet, they’re kept as safe as possible while online.

Family Zone’s Partner School Program

The Family Zone Partner School Program provides schools - and through them, families - with a solution to tackle the numerous challenges facing young people with unfettered access to the Internet, including:

  • Staying up late online; sleepy in class
  • Accessing harmful adult content online
  • Accessing online environments before being of age (Facebook, Instagram under 13yo)
  • Managing screen time; setting routines while studying for exams
  • Online gaming addiction
  • Using VPN’s to bypass network security

The Family Zone solution ensures schools are able to meet their duty of care, and parents are provided with a powerful tool to help gain visibility into - and manage - their child’s access to online environments. All while being assured that powerful filtering will prevent children stumbling across harmful on potentially unsafe networks. 


Mobile devices with 3G/4G data provide a particular challenge for schools, and Mobile Zone ensures kids are safe online, no matter what device they are using and what network they are on.  Once installed on a device, parents and schools gain visibility, manageability and filtering which:

  • Allows parents to set routines around when students can access certain online environments
  • Facilitates meaningful conversations with children about online environments they frequent
  • Filter students across web categories to prevent access to harmful content, no matter what network they’re on
  • Keep kids focused in school/study time so they’re not distracted by Snapchat, Fortnite etc
  • Help kids go to sleep at night with scheduled Sleep time


Partner School Program Roadshow

We kicked this off in Christchurch, and we're coming to a venue near you! Register using the appropriate link below (max 2 attendees per school):


Fri 16 November, Dunedin

Register here

Thursday 22 November, Greenlane, Auckland

Register here 

Wednesday 28 Nov, Wellington

Register here

If you would prefer to talk directly to our team, contact us here. 


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