Classroom and filtering tools developed expressly for Chrome

4/11/19 8:31 PM

Teachers and school admins love how easy it is to use Google and Google Classroom to achieve outstanding educational outcomes, especially when used on Chromebooks. But any device, when connected to the internet, can tempt students to wander off task into areas that are inappropriate for learning.

A school’s Google domain is an asset and like any other asset it should be protected wherever it’s being used, at school or at home.

The danger is not just kids finding risky content. It’s risky content finding kids. The NZ Youth and Porn (2018) report found  that children’s first exposure to pornography is accidental in over 70% of cases. It’s not only illegal for under-18s to view porn, it is completely inappropriate when using a school asset.

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 4.19.50 pmAlthough most schools provide basic protection for devices connected to the on-campus network, there’s no visibility of what students are actually doing on these devices.  At home, in most cases, there’s no protection at all.

Family Zone can help. Our cloud-managed Chrome Extension solution provides an additional level of filtering at school plus optional filtering when students log into the school domain at home. That means both the student and the school stay protected. And our associated tools provide unprecedented visibility and reporting of student internet activity at both the classroom and school level.

At home, at school, and everywhere in between

Family Zone also provides a parent-managed Mobile Zone license to protect students’ Chromebooks if a personal Gmail account is used outside of school. Detailed how-to instructions for parents are part of the package.

In a nutshell: School rules set via the School Community Platform apply in school time; parents’ rules, set via Mobile Zone, apply outside of school time.

Family Zone Classroom

Inside the classroom, Family Zone equips teachers with powerful tools to:

  • See what’s on every learner’s screen
  • Guide and support learning with Open and Close Tab control
  • Enhance communication with group or individual text messages to class members
  • Minimise distraction by focusing the class on specific learning resources
  • Set appropriate access rules for their classroom
  • Instantly disable internet access for the entire class or any individual


School Community Platform

At the macro level, Family Zone empowers admins to

  • Set granular age-appropriate filtering rules for Chromebooks – including streaming media (YouTube, Vimeo) as well as high risk social media
  • Provide protection outside of school hours, with time-based rules that may be more relaxed than school settings (while still blocking categories like Porn and Adult Content)
  • View detailed reporting on how the internet is being used on Chromebooks
  • Identify attempts to access adult content
  • Discover what students are searching for and viewing in order to recognise trends

Simple set up

Family Zone’s Chrome extension solution augments any existing school filtering system and can be rolled out in three simple steps:

  1. Set up School Manager cloud interface and sync the school’s Google Domain(s)
  2. Deploy the Family Zone Chrome Extension via your Google admin console
  3. Start using the system

Family Zone provides remote training for teachers and school admins, including videos teachers can view at their convenience.

When can I get it?

Right now! Contact us or your IT partner and we’ll have you up and running in 24 hours.

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