Footage of the Christchurch Terrorist Attack

3/29/19 8:59 PM

On Friday 15th March a horrific incident was inflicted on the people of Christchurch and live streamed online. This incident has been designated as a terrorist attack and footage of it deemed objectionable (and thus banned) by the New Zealand Authorities.
Accordingly online media and social networks are being required and are publicly committing to ensure this footage is not available online.
Family Zone is committed to not only compliance with the requirements of the New Zealand agencies but to ensuring that the internet is a safe place for our children. 
We do not currently have records of any of users in our platforms viewing the banned material relating to this attack. However given the ease for users to copy and distribute online material through sites and forums, we are not able to determine if any users have viewed this material. 
We do note however that through our platforms we are able to direct children to safer parts of the internet - where content providers take their obligations seriously. We work tirelessly to support our parent and school customers to make the best possible choices when opening up internet access to their families and communities.

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