Integrating digital devices and reducing the potential for distraction

12/1/16 3:18 PM


As a teacher, you'd want to know.

Successfully integrating digital devices into the classroom is challenging. For all the benefits these devices bring to blended learning environments, they also bring the potential for distraction.

Classwize resolves this digital downside by providing teachers with live visibility and control over individual student internet use across all the devices they use in class.

With Classwize, teachers are provided a simple webpage dashboard that displays all the websites and applications that each student is using. Teachers gain visibility over which students are on task and those who may be disengaged.

Classwize also allows teachers to focus internet use (e.g. "Just Mathletics") or relax access (e.g. "Allow social media, even though its usually blocked"). These classroom internet controls allow teachers to adjust internet access policy to match the lesson.

Classwize works across all devices (school owned or BYOD) and does not require the installation of any device client or SSL certificate to operate.

If you'd like to learn more about Classwize, download a brochure by clicking here or visit our website by clicking here.

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