Linewize at Interface Xpo 2017!

5/3/17 1:34 PM

Interface Xpo 2017 is New Zealand's premiere EdTech event and we'd love to see you there.

Linewize will be launching our new version of Classwize, a teacher dashboard that provides live visibility and control over classroom internet use across all students and devices.

Classwize has been extended to view student screens for school owned Chromebook devices. The same functionality will soon be available for Windows 10 and 10 S devices.

Classwize can help teachers to:

  • Gain live insight into class and student website and application use
  • Understand class and individual use to highlight both focused and distracted behaviour
  • Focus internet use to specific websites and apps for the class or individual students
  • Identify students who are offline and possibly disengaged from the lesson
  • Provide access to resources that are lesson relevant but blocked by default policy

You can learn more about Classwize here.

Here's where you can attend Interface Xpo:

You can check out each regions programme by clicking the above links. To attend click the following link to the registration page.

Click here to register for Interface Xpo 2017.

We hope to see you there!

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