Internet access management made easy for GAFE Schools

By Scott Noakes on 2/10/16 12:24 PM

Linewize integrates directly with Google to enable schools to understand student Internet use and manage website and application access from our cloud interface.

Using Linewize to identify the student by their Google account on any given device allows Internet access to be tailored by Google group membership and time of day. Schools can thereby ensure that content accessed during class-time is lesson related.

Network login using Google accounts

Linewize allows students to log on to the school network using their existing Google username and password on any device they may use during the school day.

When a student logs into a Chromebook, the Linewize Chrome extension notifies Linewize to apply Internet filtering according to the Google Groups that student belongs to. This allows schools to easily apply filtering rules such as ‘Block Facebook access for students during lesson time.’

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