Linewize and the N4L Network

By Scott Noakes on 7/28/15 9:53 PM

If you are a New Zealand school chances are you're on the N4L managed network and enjoying the high speed Internet access that is so critical to support connected learning.

You may have also heard of Linewize and how we're helping schools succeed with digital learning by providing managed network and content access services.

When talking to principals, often the first question raised is 'Isn't that already provided by N4L as part of the managed network?'. The short answer is 'No its not.

The purpose of this post is to outline the differences between Linewize and N4L and explain how Linewize services complement and extend the managed network.

Linewize vs N4L Cisco Scansafe

N4L provides a 'Web Safety' filter as part of the managed network using Cisco Scansafe, a product primarily designed to restrict employee Internet access in the workplace.

In contrast, Linewize services 'Educate Digital Citizenship' by providing schools, teachers and parents complete visibility and control over network and Internet content access.

Over the past 2 years Linewize has collaborated directly with teachers, school IT staff and resellers to develop a product specifically tailored to the needs of New Zealand schools. 

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