Distracting device use in class linked to academic decline

By The Family Zone Team on 1/31/19 5:32 PM

Devices are turning class-time into fun-time at New Zealand’s largest secondary school - and the resulting drop in academic performance is worrying teachers and parents alike.

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Digital Technologies in Schools Report - the challenges of BYOD Programmes and widespread VPN use

By Michelle Polglase on 11/23/17 9:57 AM

Digital technologies are having a significant impact in driving changes to teaching and learning approaches in the education sector. Cloud platform resources such as Google Classroom and Microsoft Office 365, alongside access to a wide range of online educational material, have revolutionised the modern learning environment.

Topics: VPN
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Teens talk VPN use - what’s really happening in your school?

By Michelle Polglase on 10/18/17 3:00 PM

Schools aim to create a safe learning environment supporting the use of digital technology, and Netsafe in New Zealand has produced this guide for the safe and responsible use of digital technology in schools. However, a recent analysis Linewize conducted showed an increasing number of students using VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to bypass school internet filtering. We decided to investigate further, and we asked a few teenagers about their experiences.

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How effective is school internet filtering for blocking VPN use?

By Michelle Polglase on 10/10/17 12:00 PM


We live in a knowledge economy, and our children are digital natives. Our students use digital devices to navigate an increasingly complex online world. The knowledge, skills and behaviour required in this environment is continually evolving. Cybersafety and digital citizenship are hot topics globally, and there’s an increasing trend towards a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture in both New Zealand and Australia. Educators spend a great deal of time on school internet policies to help students become knowledgeable digital consumers, while at the same time providing a safe learning environment.

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Machine learning and the NZ Innovation Awards

By Michelle Polglase on 9/27/17 5:00 PM

Linewize is honoured to have been nominated again for the New Zealand Innovation Awards, in the category 'Innovation in Education, Training and Development.' The innovation ecosystem in this space continues to thrive and develop, and the student internet management solutions Linewize provide are testament to this. Linewize not only manages school networks and student internet use, but uses machine learning to empower schools to create a high trust environment and support their "duty of care" role.

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Internet access management made easy for GAFE Schools

By Scott Noakes on 2/10/16 12:24 PM

Linewize integrates directly with Google to enable schools to understand student Internet use and manage website and application access from our cloud interface.

Using Linewize to identify the student by their Google account on any given device allows Internet access to be tailored by Google group membership and time of day. Schools can thereby ensure that content accessed during class-time is lesson related.

Network login using Google accounts

Linewize allows students to log on to the school network using their existing Google username and password on any device they may use during the school day.

When a student logs into a Chromebook, the Linewize Chrome extension notifies Linewize to apply Internet filtering according to the Google Groups that student belongs to. This allows schools to easily apply filtering rules such as ‘Block Facebook access for students during lesson time.’

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