The Battle Royale for schools - dealing with Fortnite and social media distractions.

By Michelle Polglase on 6/5/18 12:27 PM


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Innovation using AI in the education sector

By Michelle Polglase on 5/4/18 4:12 PM

A new report has just been released by the AI Forum on Artificial Intelligence: Shaping a Future New Zealand. This is interesting for us on two levels. Firstly , as an organisation that utilises machine learning (a branch of AI) to keep students safe online. And secondly, as a provider to the education sector which is undergoing significant change.

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Online gaming is expensive in many ways

By Michelle Polglase on 12/12/17 10:14 AM

Gaming is big money, and wildly popular. The four games Finnish mobile game developer Supercell have on the market include ‘Clash of Clans’, with more than 100 million daily active users (DAUs). And Epic Games are on a winner; in less than a year Fortnite have more than 40 million players logging in to play each month. 

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Cat-and-mouse game: how to block VPNs in schools using machine learning

By Michelle Polglase on 12/4/17 11:49 AM

Netflix has a lot to answer for. We're surprised at how widespread VPN use is now in schools, with students easily bypassing the default school internet filtering. Virtual Private Network (VPN) use hit the mainstream in early 2016 as frustrated subscribers began to circumvent geo-location restrictions in order to access their favourite shows on the full American Netflix catalogue. And now, school sudents are easily accessing unrestricted online content while using school networks. 

Topics: VPN block
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Cyber Smart Week, and action you can take to block VPN use in your school

By Michelle Polglase on 11/27/17 5:11 PM

It's Cyber Smart Week, a national awareness campaign with the message to "do one thing" to improve your online security.

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