Provide your Chromebook students a safer internet experience

We help make teaching and 

technology management easier, safer, and more fun both in the classroom and at home.

Classroom Internet Management

Teachers can monitor and control student website and app use during class. Our Chrome Extension ensures that students are automatically authenticated on the school's network with their Google login credentials. Teachers gain visibility and control over student internet use in the classroom.
  • Customise lesson internet access
  • View Chromebook screens
  • Manage online distractions
  • Reward engaged behaviour
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Internet Safety at School

We help you to understand and manage Chromebook use in your school’s 1:1 computing environment. By identifying the Chromebook user on the school network Internet filtering can be applied on a Google group membership basis. Younger students can be given a more protective environment and mature students can be provided with more open internet access. 

  • Identify students on network
  • Set access by Google group
  • View student internet usage
  • Alert on inappropriate use

Internet Safety at Home

Keep students safe from inappropriate internet content when they leave the school network. Our Chrome extension prevents access to inappropriate internet on any network the student connects to. This allows schools to address this particular concern for families participating in a 1:1 program.

  • Protect students outside school
  • Uphold school’s duty of care
  • Block inappropriate content
  • Filtering by Chrome extension or proxy
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