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Linewize Learning

Welcome to Linewize Learning On-Demand. Here, you can find bite-sized instructional videos for Classwize, your classroom management system.



Classwize is the best co-teacher you could hope for, and will help you do 3 things effectively and efficiently:

  • Manage distraction in your classroom
  • Engage with your students
  • Rise to the level of knowledge and skill your students have in using the internet in your classroom

Classwize allows you to create the type of learning environment that enhances student engagement and empowers you as an educator.

Classwize Bite Sized Videos

The videos below are intended to provide information and instruction on Classwize and a few of its most commonly used features. You may find them informative and helpful as a teacher, administrator or other user of Classwize. We’ve condensed each video to maximize your learning in a short amount of time.