A Cyber Safety Ecosystem

Protect students across all devices and locations

The Family Zone cyber safety ecosystem is a suite of unified products and services that provides an unrivalled cyber safety experience for your school community.

Linewize has integrated our internet management services with the Family Zone cyber safety ecosystem to offer schools a holistic approach to protecting students online.


Schools can now extend the benefits of Linewize internet filtering by offering their communities access to the Family Zone ecosystem.

School communities adopting Family Zone can ensure that students are safe online across all the devices and networks they use, both on and off-network.  

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Cyber Safety While Mobile

Students can bypass the school’s acceptable use policy by jumping off the school’s Internet and using their own personal 3G/4G enabled smart devices.

This makes it difficult to protect students and maintain your duty of care. This is where Mobile Zone comes in. Mobile Zone enables you to extend your duty of care to 3G/4G mobile devices to realise these benefits:

  • Maintain duty of care on 3G/4G student devices

  • Enable your school to monitor student wellbeing

  • Encourage better student routines

  • Improve student engagement and online behaviour

  • Eliminate classroom distractions from mobile devices

  • Improve learning outcomes

Learn more about Mobile Zone, the solution for schools implementing BYOD programs

Download the brochure to learn more about how Mobile Zone can work in your school
BYOD with Mobile Zone - download

Unified online safety for students at school, home and when mobile


SCHOOL MANAGER: Safety at School

Keeps students safe whilst they are at school using the school’s Internet, with comprehensive reporting.

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Mobile Zone: Safety on Mobiles

Keeping students safe whilst they’re using their smart 3G/4G mobile devices at school, home and when mobile.

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Home Zone: Safety at Home

Family Zone also keeps students safe across all home devices through a managed WiFi access point.

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Cyber Experts

Keeping students safe with real-time expert advice on best practice cyber safety at school, at home and when mobile.

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