Unified Access Management for School Networks.

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Access management for education

Traditional UTM firewalls focus primarily on security whereas Linewize integrates with your existing systems to deliver education specific network access management.

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Filtering for all devices and browsers 

We filter at the network level rather than via a mobile device client. Our flexible firewall or layer 2 bridge deployment filters all devices on your network.

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Place control in the right hands

Focus on the smooth running of your network by delegating filtering management to those staff members responsible for setting school internet guidelines. 

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Flexible deployment

Deploy our firewall in the cloud, as an appliance or on a virtual machine (VM). Extend your existing firewall and network with unified access management and advanced functionality. 

Learn about unified access management.

Download our white paper 'Where does a school's responsibility for BYOD begin and end?'
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Existing Network Integration

Extend your network with advanced functionality

Installing our solution as a bridge between the existing firewall and the local network provides user authentication, individualised filtering and usage analytics without replacing your existing firewall. We integrate with your WiFi network via RADIUS and with your Domain Controllers via WMI.

Sync with local or cloud based directory services 

We connect to your local directory service such as Microsoft Active Directory via LDAP and also supports cloud directory services such as Google Directory and Azure AD via OpenAuth.

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Cost Effective Solution

Subscription based service

Gaining better visibility and control over network and content access usually involves the expense and disruption of replacing your existing firewall. Instead, we provide a cost-effective subscription based service that requires no up-front hardware expenditure.

Simple, straight forward evaluation

Our firewall ISO image is free to download and connect to our cloud platform. For the first 30 days users are provided unlimited use of the analytics and Classroom tools so see for yourself. 

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