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Linewize - release notes

School Manager 2021-004 Release Notes

14 June, 2021

Welcome to School Manager 2021-004!

We’re continuing our work to make it easier to sort and arrange data in reports. We’ve also  introduced an improvement to user authentication and made a couple of tweaks to make your School Manager experience better!

New Improvements

A More Secure Way to Log On 

We have added another layer to the  security of your data by introducing encryption to LDAP credentials. 

A Better Way to View Tables

We’re continuing to improve the way we present data in tables. With new sorting capabilities, more reports than ever can be rearranged according to column headers and sorted in ascending or descending order.  

Users now have more control over how they view the following tables:

  • On Configuration Authentication:
    • SIS Integration
    • LDAP Servers
    • WMI
    • Timeouts
  • On Configuration > Users and Groups
    • Associations Exceptions
  • On Debugging
    • Permissions
    • Snapshots
  • On Debugging > Diagnostics:
    • Alarms


Instant Creation of New Time Periods 

We removed a little bug that prevented users from saving new time period configurations unless the Add button was clicked. Now new time periods created in Objects > Time Periods > Add Time Period are saved instantly just by pressing Enter. Of course, clicking the Add button is still an option. 

Browser Extension Connection Reporting Checkbox

We’ve removed the “Browser Extension Connection Reporting” toggle from the Device Options page. If you need to enable this feature, please contact Linewize Support (United States (844-723-3932) | Australia 1300 687 052 | New Zealand 0800 445 206).

School Manager Release 2021-003

31 May, 2021

Welcome to School Manager release 2021-003!

This version of School Manager introduces improvements to Safe Search, configurations, and reporting. We have also added improvements in the exported versions of the Student Journey Report, which is currently on limited release with our partner test schools.

New Features and Improvements

Updated Safe Search Configuration

The Safe Search page now allows administrators to manually reorder Safe Search rules. As some rules take priority over others, it is important to be able to place them manually in the right order: from top to bottom based on priority. 

Simply click a rule’s Move (+) icon and drag the rule up or down the list. School Manager will then process the rules according to the order configured by the administrator.  

This manual configuration replaces the  previous way of rearranging Safe Search rules that required administrators to click on column headings.

A Better Way to Diagnose Configurations and Issues  

School Manager’s Diagnostics > Coredumps page now features sorting capabilities that allows users to sort core dumps by date and time, or by filename in ascending or descending order.  This should make it easier to spot configuration conflicts.

A New Name for Emailed Reports

We have renamed our Emailed Reports page to Reports and Alerts to reflect the way School Manager informs teachers and administrators about their students’ online activities.  You will still receive all messages as emails, including weekly  and daily reports, about your students’ online safety, or real-time alerts when their actions trigger red flags. Check it out by going to Filtering > Reports and Alerts!

Quarantine is Experimental No More

As we continue to polish the way content filtering rules are created and managed, the Quarantine function for editing rules has moved from being experimental to an established feature.  

When an administrator enables Quarantine on a Content Filtering rule, users’ internet access will be suspended each time they trigger a red flag on that rule. 

School Manager Release 2021-002

20 May, 2021

Welcome to School Manager Release 2021-002!

This release adds a number of improvements to the  Student Journey Report. We continue to work with beta testing partner schools to ensure this new reporting tool provides a better understanding of how students use online resources and access information. 

We have also enhanced our configuration pages by improving the way users view data, while squashing a few bugs along the way.

New Features and Fixed Issues

Sortable table columns and movable rows

In this edition of School Manager, you can now filter and rearrange data by table headings in ascending or descending order.  The sorting feature is also available to MDNS Bridge and Networking Interfaces configuration pages.  

The Firewall configuration page also lets you move firewall rules up and down the list, letting you prioritize certain rules in the system.  Simply click the Move (+) icon and drag the rule up or down.

Improved Student Journey Report and Red Flags 

With focus on students’ cyber safety, we’ve introduced better ways for School Manager users to access, review, and export reports. 

On the  Red Flags page, the most severe or common risk indicators are presented at the top by default.  In addition, users can sort Red Flags reports by username or full name in alphabetical order, making  it easier to locate and track individual students in schools with bigger student populations.  

On the Student Journey Report, the latest data are placed at the top of the web page and, as in other reports, users can sort data according to column headings:

  • Result: arrange the list by flagged, blocked or allowed connections.
  • Category: identify the most to least common applications or websites a student visits.
  • Activity: find more about the information students search for or visit online.
  • Type:  check the type of activity reported.

Live character limit on Student Journey Report comments 

We’ve made it possible for users to keep track of the character limit as they enter their comments before generating PDF versions of Student Journey Reports.  The notification appears when there are only 50 characters (or less) left in the Cover Page Comment field, or if the character limit has been exceeded.

By adding comments in exported Student Journey Reports, administrators and relevant staff can highlight the most salient points of their students’ online journeys.

Student Journey Report is timestamped to the device time zone  

We fixed a previously reported issue with exported Student Journey Report where the times recorded did not match the School Manager device’s location. Now the Student Journey Report reflects the time zone of the School Manager device, making exported data accurate and mroe relevant to school administrators and reporting staff.  The Time/Date column on the Student Journey page also features this update.

Updated Classwize Config feature list

We streamlined the list of Classwize configuration features, so watch this space for more updates.


  • Time periods are now working as expected in the list of criteria for content filtering. This fixes an issue where selected time periods that included date ranges did not have any effect on filtering traffic.
  • Horizontal and vertical navigation bars now stay on the screen when users scroll up or down, left or right. 
  • A recurring issue with differences between data reported in the Red Flag emails and Red Flag data on the application has been resolved. This issue affected only a few schools and has been fixed for all users. 
  • In Debugging > Device Options, the “Disable Browser Extension Outside Network” check box has been removed. This functionality has been replaced by Mobile Agent.

School Manager Release 1.8.1

3 May, 2021

Welcome to School Manager release 1.8.1!

We're continuing to work with our beta testing partner schools to develop the first phase of the Student Journey Report to ensure it meets your needs. The Student Journey Report is our new and improved reporting tool designed to help you better understand your students’ online journey based on data that School Manager captures. 

This release allows you to include comments on Student Journey Reports exported as PDFs, letting you add more context to your reporting. We've also introduced more improvements to the interface’s functionality. The Student Journey Report (and all other reports!) will now stop the header row from scrolling off the screen when displaying large data sets, and more tables have the sort feature, allowing data to be displayed according to table headers, in ascending or descending order.

New Features and Improvements

  • When you export a PDF version of the Student Journey Report, you can choose to add a short comment which will be inserted on the cover page of the exported file.  
  • All report pages will now prevent tables from scrolling off the screen when large data sets are displayed.  This should give you a much better experience when viewing data in the report.
  • This release also includes several updates that allow you to sort reports by column headers and present data in ascending or descending order (e.g. A-Z or Z-A, lowest value to highest value). 
  • We made some tweaks to the error messages that you can get when you’re trying to reset your password to make them more informative and timely.
  • The way you navigate the Cyber Safety > Mobile Apps page should be more consistent with how you navigate other pages in School Manager.


  • In Configuration > Objects > Time Periods, we give you better guidance about what Start Times and End Times you can use. 
  • Groups would not show up when viewing the Filtering > Bandwidth Quotas page for the first time. We also gave this page a quick pass to clean up some stray punctuation.
  • We fixed an issue where the Active Connections link on the User dashboard pointed to the wrong location.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on the Configuration > Authentication > WMI screen.

Mobile Zone for Windows 3.0.5

22 April, 2021

Welcome to Mobile Zone for Windows 3.0.5

Bug Fixes

  • Student devices weren’t always using the school’s DNS when they were connected to the school’s network.

School Manager Release 1.7.6

15 April, 2021

Welcome to School Manager release 1.7.6!
We’re continuing to work with our partner beta testing schools to develop the first phase of the Student Journey Report to ensure it meets your needs. The Student Journey Report is our new and improved reporting tool, designed to help you get better insights about your students from the data that School Manager captures.

New Features & Improvements

  • The Student Journey Report can now export in PDF, CSV, and to email!
  • Clicking on a student’s name from the header of a report will now take you to their user dashboard.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the merge fields in Advanced Configuration > Unified Identify to appear blank even when they contained information.

School Manager Release 1.7.5

8 April, 2021

Welcome to School Manager release 1.7.5!
We’ve got some fixes and tweaks for you this release.


  • When looking at Statistics > Searches, the query count for a student on the Searches page could be different from the query count shown on that student’s details page.
  • School Manager could return a grey screen if there wasn’t any data to show in CyberSafety > Red Flags for the date range you’d selected.
  • Repeatedly clicking on the ‘Continue and Save My Device’ button in the Captive Portal could cause some strange things to happen.

School Manager Release 1.7.3 Hotfix

26 March, 2021


  • The Red Flags page will sort users by risk rather than user name.

Classwize and School Manager Release 1.7.3

25 March, 2021

Welcome to Classwize and School Manager release 1.7.3!

New Features & Improvements

  • We improved the performance of charts by improving School Manager’s memory utilization.
  • You can now search inside Object Pools and Security Groups.


  • We removed the ability to create an invite code for Monitor Mode classes.
  • Student’s names should now have correct capitalization in their student tiles.
  • If you sync Classwize with Azure, you can now decide whether Classwize shows the Azure Group name or Group description as the default classroom name.
  • Some users weren’t able to create new classroom groups if they were using a new School Manager device.
  • Monitor Only classes wouldn’t start if Allowed Time Periods had been set in School Manager.
  • We fixed a rare console error that could cause Classwize to crash.
  • Selecting your school from another region’s Classwize login screen would send you to the wrong url.

School Manager Release 1.7.2

22 March, 2021

Welcome to School Manager release 1.7.2!

This week we’re excited to be rolling out the first phase of the Student Journey Report to our partner beta testing schools! The Student Journey Report is our new and improved reporting tool, designed to help you get better insights about your students from the data that School Manager captures.

You may also notice that we’ve begun a campaign of beautification. Over the coming months, we’re going to be updating the look and feel of School Manager to make it easier to use and make it more color-blind friendly.

This release, including our new beta features, will be rolling out in stages over the next few days. Our Australian and New Zealand schools should see the update on 22 March 2021, while our US users will get the release over the following few days.

New Features & Improvements

  • We’re rolling out the beta version of the Student Journey Report to our partner test schools. Users in this test group can access the new report by selecting a user in Statistics > Users and then clicking User Timeline.
  • We’re improving the usability of our reports by giving you more options for sorting them inside School Manager. You can also now sort the Cyber Safety > Red Flags report by the student’s system name or full name, and you can sort on all columns in these reports:
    • Filtering > Emailed Reports
    • Statistics > Realtime
    • Statistics > Network
    • Filtering > Bandwidth Quotas
    • Filtering > Safe Search
  • We’re continuing to do a lot of work, mainly behind the scenes, to improve School Manager’s security. As part of this work we’ve increased the minimum password length for local accounts to 16 characters, while letting you choose to see your new password while you're changing it. You may be required to reset your password in the future if it does not meet the new length requirement
  • We’ve updated the colors for our Red Flag alerts to make them more readable. We’ve also added new icons to them to indicate what triggered the Flag : a magnifying glass for searches, and a globe for attempted website visits.new red flag icons
  • School Manager’s charts have been given a big facelift, with more consistent colors in a more modern style!
  • We’ve added the option to force OneRoster to do a full resync with School Manager if they become out of sync.

Bug Fixes

  • We resolved a case where performing a test of an email report could cause browser timeouts.
  • Students’ full names, when available, name will populate within  Statistics > Apps and Websites reports.
  • Using special characters in Group Names could cause a verdict gateway error.
  • If you edited a rule within about five seconds of reordering any rules in Content Filtering > Rules, there was a chance your changes wouldn’t save.