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Linewize - release notes

SphireOS Release 249 (Stable 2)

25 May, 2021

Welcome to SphireOS Release 249.21 (Stable 2)

We've resolved a number of issues and improved the functionality of the HTTP proxy handler. This update is currently being rolled out to devices in group Stable 2.

New Features & Improvements

  • You can now specify additional HTTP proxy handler ports to check through the advanced configuration menu (Debug > Diagnostics > Advanced Configuration).


  • Fixed an issue with PPE2 settings that could stop port forwarding from WAN to LAN from running. 
  • Editing the Enabled Networks and Groups list won’t cause SphireOS to crash.
  • SphireOS now only tries to update appindex if there is a new appindex version, and data flow is no longer impacted while appindex updates are being processed.
  • Fixed an authentication issue affecting users whose username contained apostrophes.
  • Packet capture using a non-restrictive filter now stops when it hits the capture limit.
  • Fixed the cause of a couple of rare SphireOS crashes that prevented some boxes from upgrading to the latest SphireOS version.
  • The SessionStore::size function in SphireOS can’t return a negative value.

SphireOS Release 248 (Stable Group 1)

30 March, 2021

SphireOS release 248 is now rolling out to schools in the Stable 2 release Branch!  You can find out what’s changed with this release in our full release notes. You can also find out which Branch your school is in by going to School Manager > Device Updates.

SphireOS Release 248 (Stable Group 2)

22 March, 2021

Welcome to SphireOS Update 248!

We’ve got some bug fixes for you with this release.  The release will be rolled out in two stages: the first phase will go live for schools in the Stable 2 Branch on March 24th 2021; all other schools should receive the update at the end of the month. You can find out which Branch you’re in by going to School Manager > Device Updates.


  • We increased the number of CPU cores that SphireOS can see on SMG-200 devices.

Bug Fixes

  • SphireOS could sometimes block all traffic while it was processing a configuration change.
  • Fixed crashes that could happen when SphireOS encountered a signature configuration with unexpected category values, or after a user deleted variables from user objects.
  • Changes made to the network interface settings in School Manager will correctly apply to SphireOS.
  • SphireOS can no longer run out of file descriptors or available connections.
  • Fixed a couple of issues that could cause SphireOS to unexpectedly reboot after startup.

SphireOS Update 247

18 January, 2021

Welcome to SphireOS Update 247!

We've resolved a number of issues and improved handling of user exceptions in this release.


  • Add User Exceptions to RADIUS and SYSLOG configuration

Bug Fixes

  • Buffer overflow issue when Radius is enabled and accounting request received by SphireOS
  • Some conditions in handle_accounting_request are always true or false
  • Some SSL inspected sites do not redirect to the walled garden
  • SphireOS crashes while fetching interface object
  • SphireOS reboots when there is an active bypass with no IP address
  • School Manager /info call can sometimes lead to race condition and crash the box

SphireOS Update 246

3 September, 2020


  • LW-859 - NTP updating fails if box is not close to correct time.
  • LW-970 - Concurrency issue while getting Sphirewall Interface
  • LW-1216 - COREDUMP - SphireOS v244.16 - selwyn.college.linewize
  • LW-1268 - HTTPS inspection can stop working completely.
  • LW-1295 - The iteration is not correctly processed for some std::list objects
  • LW-1307 - Fix the sphireos build error of `make check`
  • LW-1468 - Client VPN crashes on newer SphireOS builds.
  • LW-1305 - Refactor flushBucket function
  • LW-1342 - Add unused variable warning option and remove some unused variables
  • LW-1416 - Implement SphireOS LDAP filters
  • LW-1298 - Fix iteration in JsonManagementService::getSession
  • LW-1299 - Fix iteration in SFwallCore::ProtocolHandlerV4::cleanup
  • LW-1300 - Fix iteration in TrafficShaper::loop
  • LW-1367 - Migrate existing enabled unit tests to new framework.

New Features

  • LW-370 - QOS support with upstream and MITM
  • LW-919 - When using Pipeline 2 filtering cannot be disabled using the Filter On/Off shield
  • LW-1023 - Add Edge support to Pipeline 2