Fulfil Your Duty of Care to Students and Teachers.

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Vigilance made easy

Complete visibility over individual internet use allows schools to set access policy from a position of knowledge. Alert teachers to inappropriate online behaviour immediately.

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Appropriate access for all

Identify who is using your network and set internet access policy based on group membership. Staff can easily self-manage student website and app use.

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Flexible content access

Comprehensive filtering allows schools to restrict access to websites and apps based on group membership, category, time of day, device and more.

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Classroom internet management

Classroom tools enable teachers to restrict internet access or relax filtering for a particular lesson. Teachers have real-time visibility and control of in-class student online activity.

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Four E's of Positive Online Engagement


Clear expectations are fundamental to positive online engagement in a school setting. Students need boundaries - and teachers, admin staff and students need transparency.


Digital learning creates multi-dimensional challenges for school communities - and filtering technology is an essential first line of defense. But a lasting solution calls for education: a comprehensive, community-wide response based on shared knowledge, values and beliefs.

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Porirua College


Firewall technology can’t address all the challenges of maintaining a cyber-safe school community. But it’s an essential first line of defense. We provide extra features including Classroom tools, 1:1, BYOD and personal device management, and advanced VPN and app scanning capabilities that complement basic firewall solutions. 



Empowering school communities to make cyber-safety choices that are right for them is our absolute focus. Our tools are easy to use and affordable.


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