Fulfil Your Duty of Care to Students and Teachers.

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Vigilance made easy

Complete visibility over individual internet use allows schools to set access policy from a position of knowledge. Linewize alerts teachers to inappropriate use immediately.

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Appropriate access for all

Identify who is using your network and set internet access policy based on group membership. Linewize enables staff to easily self-manage student website and app use.

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Flexible content access

Comprehensive filtering allows schools to restrict access to websites and apps based on group membership, category, time of day, device and more.

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Classroom internet management

Linewize enables teachers to restrict internet access or relax filtering for a particular lesson. Teachers have real-time visibility of in-class student online activity.

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Understand School Internet Use 

Monitor class and student engagement

Linewize makes it easy for schools to see that students are using the internet constructively and that their behaviour aligns with your school's internet use agreement. Should a student contravene the agreement Linewize alerts the relevant guardian.

Measure student app uptake

The adoption of paid for online apps to assist student learning is ever increasing. Linewize allows schools to determine the uptake and ROI for these apps by quantifying student and class use.

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Guide Constructive Internet Use

Internet access that reflects your school's values

Linewize makes it easy for non-technical staff to manage internet content access. Through our intuitive user interface school staff can set filtering policies that reflect the school's internet behavioural guidelines.

Safely invite students to bring their own devices

If your school is looking to support Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), Linewize can provide touchless BYOD support without the need for costly and disruptive hardware upgrades. Our touchless approach ensures your teachers are focused on educating instead of becoming IT technicians.

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