Protecting every child’s digital journey
starts with education and wellbeing

Student safety is at the heart of
everything we do at Linewize

We take a multidisciplinary approach to online safety education and management.

Our Education & Wellbeing team includes school psychologists, educators and former law enforcement personnel. Our combined experience in child development, research, policing, and classroom management provides us with a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities that participating in a digital environment presents to students, parents, and schools.

Empowering districts and parents

With 21st-century learning techniques, it is more important than ever to ensure that parents are empowered and informed about how to keep their children safe online.

We partner with districts to make educational materials available to educators, parents and students.

Our Community program offers three distinct pillars:

Parent app
Our parental control app, Qustodio, provides parents with visibility and reporting into what is happening during and after school hours on their child's school-issued device.

Online Safety Hub
Our Online Safety Hubs provide parents, staff, and students with a website full of helpful resources on the latest topics, trends, guides, and timely articles, written and curated by our resident digital wellness and online safety experts.

Live parent webinars
Our live webinars are an opportunity for parents to learn and receive support from Teodora Pavkovic, our Lead Online Safety and Digital Wellness Expert, on a range of topics, ensuring that they have the most current tools for keeping their children safe online.

Meet our resident online safety expert


Teodora Pavkovic

Director of Wellbeing and Certified Digital Wellness Educator

Teodora Pavkovic is the Lead Online Safety and Digital Wellness Expert at Linewize, where she leverages her decade-plus of experience in the fields of psychology, parenting coaching and digital wellness education to provide guidance and advice to parents, teachers and school administrators on topics concerning student wellbeing, responsible and safe use of technology, tech ethics, parenting in the digital age and child development.

An expert in online safety and emotional intelligence

A prominent figure in the global digital wellness community, Pavkovic is a sought-after public speaker, thought leader and media expert.

In this TedX talk, she addresses the topic of emotional regulation and raising children to be emotionally literate. 

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