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We help schools, districts and the communities they serve to keep children safe and thriving in their digital lives - in school, at home and everywhere in between.




Best-in-class filtering and more

We're not just a vendor, we're a long term, strategic partner to our customers. Best-in-class filtering is the first step in an ecosystem that empowers not only IT administration but teachers, student safeguarding staff, families and students themselves. Our solutions can be combined over time to create a robust digital wellbeing environment capable of addressing today's challenges. Learn more. 

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23 million

children are better supported and protected because of our technologies.


schools better protect and support their students' wellbeing because of our solutions.

6 million

parents have greater visibility of their child's online behaviors because of our app.

The world's most comprehensive
student safety platform

Our solutions are organized around three fundamental health and safety pillars.
1. Prevention & Enablement; 2. Early Detection & Intervention; 3. Education & Engagement.

Our approach helps districts identify gaps in their student safety initiatives and provides a strategic roadmap they can
implement over time. We call it the 'Linewize Student Safety and Wellbeing Framework'. Find out more.

1. Prevention & Enablement


Linewize School Manager - best-in-class filter and reporting platform that supports student wellbeing and digital citizenship.


Classroom management

Classwize - keeps teachers teaching and students safe and learning in the modern, digital classroom.

2. Early Detection & Intervention

Threat detection

Linewize Monitor - real-time, human moderated threat detection. Alerts designated staff to students whose digital behaviors indicate they may be at risk.  


Student surveys 

Linewize Pulse - a 60 second, weekly student checkin solution. Gives vulnerable students a way to speak up, and schools the big data to make better wellbeing decisions.

3. Education & Engagement

Student empowerment

Linewize Courses, (part of Classwize), guide students towards understanding, resilience and good ethical digital citizenship. 


Linewize Online Safety Hub - a dedicated resource of information and guidance to help schools and parents have more effective conversations with children about cyber safety. 

Parental engagement

Qustodio - all-in-one parental control app. Working alone or as part of School Manager it helps parents keep their child’s screen time safe and balanced.

Get a free student safety audit and analysis

With so many options, how do you choose the best tools for your organization? We remove the guesswork with our no-cost audits and trials. Linewize Monitor and Linewize Pulse trials come with FREE evidential impact analyses and next step recommendations. Click below to learn more.

Linewize Monitor
Free 30-day Student Safety Audit
Assess your students' online safety for 30 days. See who may be at risk.
Learn more
Linewize Pulse
Free 30-day Wellbeing Analysis
Identify students who may need help. Assess wellbeing levels across your school to guide decision making.
Learn more


Santa Fe School District Logo

Heather Brown

Director of Technology

When we put these student safety tools in the hands of our students and teachers, it is almost like we’ve grown our department size because we have people who are able to report to us what they are seeing and enable us to maximize our resources.

Santa Fe Independent School District


Jon Myers

Director of Technology

There has been a night and day difference from our old filter to Linewize. Before, students were getting access to sites that should have been blocked and I had no visibility. Now I can see at a glance which sites are being blocked and what students are searching.

Clinton Prairie School Corporation

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The tens of thousands of districts who are coming to Linewize share our passion for best-in-class, affordable solutions that help keep every child safe and thriving, now and in the future.


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