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Protecting every child's digital journey

We keep students cyber-safe at school, at home, and everywhere in between

The world's most comprehensive student safety platform

Linewize combines world-leading technology with world leaders in online safety education, IT administration, teaching, and student safeguarding. Our goal is to protect student wellbeing and help schools, students, and families develop better digital habits and better communities.

Hybrid web filter

School Manager
Cloud managed, hardware-optional, scalable, multi-OS supporting content filter

Classroom management

Live screen visibility and teachers tools designed to enhance classrooms

Student threat detection

Linewize Monitor
The most advanced K-12 student threat detection tool available

Digital Education

Providing cyber safety education and tools, including a parent app, to engage your school community

Student wellbeing

Linewize Pulse
Student wellbeing and culture platform with quick, 60-second weekly check-ins and historical trend data

Parental control app

World-leading parental control app that gives parents control and visibility into personal and student-issued devices

Digital Safety & Wellbeing Framework

The Linewize Wellbeing Framework addresses the pressing need for greater visibility in students’ digital lives.

Three key safety pillars comprise the Digital Safety & Wellbeing Framework:

Prevention & Enablement

Early Detection & Intervention

Education & Engagement

By utilizing this comprehensive framework, schools can assess their current strategies and prioritize action areas.


Prevention & enablement

School Manager

Hybrid web filter

School Manager is a student safety-focused hybrid web filter that enables IT administrators to create a low-maintenance filtering ecosystem.

Advanced reporting capabilities on everything from bandwidth utilization to detailed student activity reports

Powerful rule-setting algorithm designed to eliminate "filter-fix" requests from staff 

User-friendly interface with easily digestible data; quickly view most blocked apps and sites, emerging trends in user activity, bandwidth utilization, VPN attempts, and more

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Prevention & enablement


Classroom management tool

Classwize is a classroom management solution that provides teachers with real-time screen visibility during class sessions and greater control over their lesson plans.

Restrict student access to specific sites or allow access to sites that are otherwise blocked (without overriding key protection enabled by the filter)

Share video-only content on YouTube with features that eliminate exposure to inappropriate comments and remove visual distractions in "Related Videos" sidebars

Provide immediate feedback to students on their on-task/off-task behavior. Message the entire class or individual students — without classroom disruptions

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Early Detection & Intervention

Linewize Monitor

Student threat detection

Linewize Monitor is a student safety threat detection platform that enables school partners to identify students who are at-risk to harm themselves or others. 

Reduce false positive red flags with full-screen captures and human moderators that assess encrypted activity for context

Detect potential risks across key safety categories (including violence, self-harm, and bullying). Monitor risk-assesses student activity across Google, O365, offline documents, web chat, social media, and more

Receive real-time notifications to ensure timely intervention when needed; our human moderators work 24/7, 365 days a year to alert you to students at risk in your district


Early Detection & Intervention

Linewize Pulse

Student wellbeing & culture analytics

Linewize Pulse is a student wellbeing and culture platform that enables and encourages students to self-identify when they need help.

 Weekly wellbeing check-ins provide a snapshot into students' current wellbeing and gathers de-identified historical experience data to offer insight into your school's wellbeing culture

 Meet students where they are. By providing students with a simple way to connect with staff they trust, they're more likely to reach out for help when they need it

Give the power of gratitude. After students complete their check-in, Pulse gives them the opportunity to send a Gratitude shoutout to a fellow student or staff member


Education & Engagement


Digital education platform

The Community Digital Wellness Program is an education platform that strives to unite schools and communities

 Provide families with valuable resources that enable them to be strong digital stewards for their children

Bridge the gap between schools and homes to inform parents about what’s happening in the classroom

Offer exclusive access to your school's branded Online Safety Hub. Hubs contain the latest trends, guides, game reviews, and timely articles created by our psychologists, digital wellness specialists, and online safety experts

Gain exclusive access to special features for Qustodio, our parental control app. With Qustodio, you can allow guardians to monitor activity on school devices and pause the Internet 


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Our mission
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free 30-day student safety & Wellbeing audit

Pulse & Monitor

With so many options, how do you cut through the noise to determine which tools best support your students?

To make it easier on you to determine if Linewize Monitor and/or Linewize Pulse is best for your district, we're offering a no-cost student safety and/or wellbeing report.

Linewize Monitor Student Safety Audit

Linewize Pulse Student Wellbeing Analysis

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How we are impacting our customers

The Linewize filtering solution has been a great addition to our school district. Their modern approach to content filtering delivers increased insights into our students' web activity and provides an additional layer of security for our 1:1 deployment. Our admins are spending less time administering this solution, allowing them more time to focus on other initiatives within the district.

Demarius Gaither, Director of Technology
Fairfield County School District

Helpful resources for educators and parents

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The Project Prevention webinar aims to help schools to get ahead of the curve and address the biggest challenge districts face today: student mental health.

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How to Reach Vulnerable Students Who Don't Speak Up

How do you know when your students need help?

In today's digital learning landscape, identifying and helping students in need isn't always easy.

Download now to learn how to encourage identify students in need of support.

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Complete Guide to Online Monitoring Solutions

Are you looking for more information on student safety and online monitoring systems?

This e-guide contains online monitoring FAQs, useful tips, and valuable insight to help educators and parents gain a deeper understanding about what online monitoring is — and why it's so important.

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