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Why do you need a Student Safety Audit?

In an increasingly digital world, it’s difficult for schools to monitor students who are at-risk.

Oftentimes, students are identified or categorized as being at risk when they are showing signs and symptoms of outward concern.



Linewize is now offering a no-cost Student Safety Audit for US schools

In 2022, Linewize Monitor identified thousands of students who needed quick intervention.

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Get your Student Safety Audit

What is a Student Safety Audit?

Over a 30 day period, we will assess your students’ online behavior for risks and alert you by phone to any students we believe are in danger.

When the audit is complete, you will gain access to risk profiles and receive recommendations for implementing a holistic student safety program at your district.

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The Iceberg Effect


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How does the Student Safety Audit work?
Get a glimpse into how Linewize Monitor protects students.


Keyboard stroke data collected

Data is collected online and offline, on any network.


At-risk words or behaviors trigger AI alerts

A sophisticated AI technology determines whether online activity should be flagged


Alerts are assessed

Alerts are assessed to determine whether the incident is high risk or low-risk.

Low-risk alerts are stored in your digital monitoring dashboard.

High risk alerts are assessed by human moderators and reported directly to the school


All incidents go directly to record management automatically

View all flagged student activity directly in your dashboard at any time.

Real alerts, when it really matters

Unlike other online monitoring systems, Linewize Monitor does not bombard districts with alerts. Typically, 99% of alerts are removed as false positives.

Our artificial intelligence (AI) system and team of trained human moderators will check alerts and remove false positives, only alerting you to students who truly need your attention.

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Do you have questions about online monitoring solutions?

If you’re considering your options and would like more information, our team of cyber safety experts are here to help.

Book a free consultation today to learn more about Linewize Monitor and ask for a free Student Safety Audit!

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