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October 10, 2022

How to talk to students about gun violence in schools

The following article preview originally appeared on Campus Safety, an organization dedicated to sharing information about the public safety and security of hospitals, schools and universities in the United States.

July 26, 2022
Online safety in schools today: a former administrator's perspective

The following article is written by EdTech expert and author Carl Hooker. Carl has 20+ years in education and K12 consulting. He speaks on a multitude of topics from digital wellness to technology integration and district leadership. 

July 19, 2022 Social Media | Digital Wellness
How to incorporate digital wellness in schools

From the home to the classroom and into the workplace, our children will rely on technology for learning, creating, and playing—which is why it’s so important to instill healthy online habits early on. 

June 1, 2022 Parenting | Digital Wellness
The five fundamentals of parenting in the age of technology

Today is Global Parents Day and we want to make the job of parenting in the age of technology a little easier for you. Our lead online safety and digital wellness expert Teodora Pavkovic, shares her five fundamental tips for helping ...

May 19, 2022 Mental Health
Low-cost mental health initiatives for the classroom

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, making this the perfect time for a conversation about good mental health practice in one of the places we need it most: the classroom.

May 17, 2022
News: K-12 cyber safety provider acquires parent controls

The following article preview was originally published on EdWeek, a data and news organization that has provided thorough and thoughtful analysis of K-12 policies, practice, and research for nearly 40 years.

May 11, 2022 Digital Wellness
5 ways teachers can model positive digital habits

This week we celebrate Digital Wellness Day, a global initiative that encourages people to analyze and optimize their relationship with the digital world by taking a mindful approach to how we interact with technology. 

April 26, 2022 student safety
5 preventative steps your district can take to reduce school violence

It’s National Youth Violence Prevention Week (NYVPW), a week dedicated to focusing on effective strategies to prevent youth violence, while also celebrating and commending the ways young people take an active role in improving safety in ...

April 26, 2022 Violence | Monitoring
Key indicators of violent tendencies in at-risk students

This week is National Youth Violence Prevention Week. As an EdTech company that prioritizes student safety above all else, it got us thinking about how teachers, administrators, and the larger community can prioritize preventative measures ...

April 25, 2022 Violence | student safety
Navigating Schools' Liability Shifts Following the Oxford High School Shooting

The following article preview was written by Ross Young, Executive Vice President at Linewize. It originally appeared on The Journal, a website dedicated to informing and educating K-12 leaders on how to improve and advance the learning ...

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