The impact of technology on childhood

By Michelle Polglase on 10/16/18 9:31 AM

The playground used to be a noisy place in schools. Today, many students are glued to their devices and the playground has gone quiet. 

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Surge in harmful digital communications charges.

By Michelle Polglase on 10/4/18 11:35 AM

Cyberbullying can have a devastating impact on children and teenagers. Social media platforms are most often used, and in the case of Snapchat content can be posted then 'disappear' after going viral through a school community.

Topics: cyberbullying
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Social media as social currency

By Michelle Polglase on 9/24/18 4:52 PM

There's no getting away from it, social media is social currency for young people, with many of them gaining their sense of 'belonging' through a connection to online communities. While Instagram and Snapchat are the most popular social media platforms among young people, cross-platform game Fortnite offers a new type of online community that we'll be seeing a lot more of.   

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Fortnite - how to deal with this cultural phenomenon

By Michelle Polglase on 9/20/18 2:36 PM

Fortnite's unprecedented success means as much for the future of media as it does for the gaming industry. Fans don't simply play the game; they join a supportive community where their characters can break into dance moves - and people log in to watch others play, as much as to actually play themselves. An estimated 21% of Fortnite players were previously non-gamers.

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Sex education from pornography - what schools need to know.

By Michelle Polglase on 9/13/18 11:35 AM

Are young people getting their sex education from pornography? The Education Review Office thinks so, and wants schools to do more to address this. 

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The social experiment on our digital natives

By Michelle Polglase on 9/7/18 12:14 PM

Dr Amy Fletcher spends one day a week technology free. How hard can that be? I put it to the test last weekend.

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Digital distraction - spotlight on smartphone use in schools report

By Michelle Polglase on 8/28/18 11:23 AM

Technology provides incredible opportunities, but also increased risks for both students and schools. By secondary school years, virtually every student has access to a smartphone, and digital distraction is increasingly an issue schools need to manage. Cyberbullying most commonly occurs by a classmate, with social media the most popular cyberbullying platform.  

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How our Partner School Program can work for your school community

By Michelle Polglase on 8/21/18 12:16 PM

We understand that there are considerable pressures on schools to use new and emerging internet technologies, and that often increased access to the internet causes considerable challenges with which schools must contend.

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Cyberbullying and technology use in schools

By Michelle Polglase on 8/13/18 5:00 PM

Cyberbullying is a big problem for schools, with a recent cyberbullying survey showing that the majority of this type of bullying is done by a classmate. Social media is the most common cyberbullying platform worldwide. 

We recently spoke with both a High School student and a counsellor about their experiences with the fallout around cyberbullying and technology use. In the words of 15 year old Jay, "My friend got cyberbullied so much he had to leave school this year."  

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Student wellbeing in a tech-saturated world

By Michelle Polglase on 8/6/18 11:42 AM

Parents and schools are having to deal with a range of new threats for teens, including suicide 'challenges' such as the highly disturbing Momo. This online game has quickly spread to several social media platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube.

Topics: cyber safety
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