Linewize Monitor

The most advanced student threat detection tool in K-12. Helps protect student safety 24/7.

Monitor - Highlights

24/7 protection with minimal false positives

Advanced behavioral technology and highly-trained human moderators work side by side to remove false positives and alert school staff to vulnerable children.

Transforms student safety

Can detect children at risk far beyond what a teacher's eyes and ears alone can achieve.

The only solution of its kind with all four iKeepSafe accreditations

Maintains highest standards in student data privacy, including exceeding minimal compliance.

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Monitor - Watch at a glance

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Deploy Monitor for 30 days for no cost. We will assess your students’ online behavior for risks and alert you by phone to any students we believe are in danger.

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Key benefits

Transform student safety:

Real-time alerts 

Alerts designated school staff in real-time and within minutes of an event occurring. Includes notification by phone for the highest suspected risks. 

Human moderation 

Highly trained, human moderation team provides protection 24/7, 365 days a year. They assess the more serious alerts acting as the eyes and ears of school staff. 

Appropriate notifications

Designated staff are contacted only when necessary. All alerts come with contextual evidence to support next step decision making.


Makes invisible risks, visible:

Detects risks across the entire digital space
Risk-assesses everything a student types across Google, Office 365, offline documents, web chat, social media and more.
Works online & offline
Captures risks on and offline and on any network. 
Detects vulnerabilities across seven categories
Provides the widest categorization in K-12, covering topics such as violence, mental health concerns, bullying, self-harm, suicide ideation, drugs, gangs, grooming, radicalization and more.

Optimizes staff time:

Drastically reduces false positives
Human moderation dramatically reduces false positives. Staff time is only incurred when absolutely necessary. 
No IT burden 
Cloud-based and fast and easy deployment mean there is no IT burden and no ongoing need for technical administration.
Evidence minimizes need for additional information
Risk assesses the whole screen for better accuracy and context. Provides evidence for support specialists such as Guidance Counselors and Student Safety Officers to better plan their interventions. 

iKeepSafe certified
The only solution of its kind to hold all four iKeepSafe student data privacy certifications: COPPA, FERPA, CSPC and ATLIS. 

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Monitor's impact 



facing the highest risk, including to their health or life, were spotted by Monitor in 2022.



at potential serious risk, including mental health and self-harm, were spotted by Monitor in 2022.



at potential risk of violence or bullying were found by our solutions in 2022.



are supported and protected every day by our technologies.

What our customers say


US-District-School-SQ-logo-Pascagoula-Gautier School District

Eva Harvell, Ed.S

Director of Technology

The reason we decided to look at Monitor is that we wanted to look at and address the whole child education and social-emotional learning piece. And it is doing just that. It is bringing attention to a child who may be at risk. 

Pascagoula-Gautier School District

US-District-School-SQ-logo-Santa Fe Independent School District

Heather Brown

Director of Technology

In today's environment it is disastrous not to have some sort of early detection tool in place. It is our responsibility to make sure we are doing everything we can to protect students. There have been lives saved by this technology. Even one life potentially saved makes this product worth it tenfold.

Santa Fe Independent School District

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