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About Linewize

Creating school communities where students thrive

How to create school communities that free our kids to get the best out of the digital world, while protecting them from harm?

Linewize was developed to meet that challenge.

We empower school communities with the tools, expertise and support they need to ensure students are safe and prepared for their digital futures.

Our tools deliver on compliance and school duty of care supporting Google, Windows, 1:1, BYO cloud, on-premise and firewall choices. We deal effortlessly with VPNs, Hotspotting and personal mobile devices at school and we empower teachers in today’s technology filled classrooms. We allow schools to share responsibility with parents and drive effective cyber safety programs across their community. For parents we provide expert advice and best practice parental controls. We are a unique ecosystem which protects, supports and empowers the entire school community on every device. everywhere.

Our mission is simple: to create school communities where students thrive.