It takes a whole school community to keep children safe and thriving in their digital lives.  

Empower your school community

Educators increasingly recognize that embracing a whole school community approach to student digital safety and wellbeing is essential in today's digital landscape.

When teachers, families, and students themselves all play a part wellbeing increases, learning improves and lives can transform.

Brian Miles
Director of Technology Services
Middleton Cross Plains Area School District

"We're all supporting each other. We all have questions for each other. We all have the same goal and that is for our students to stay safe and learning."






How Linewize helps

Linewize provides schools and districts with the tools, resources and ongoing education to share with families, teachers, students and anyone with a responsibility for keeping children safe online.


Parental App

Using the Qustodio Parent App, parents can view their child’s online activity on their school-issued devices, and help them navigate and nurture their child’s online journey. Learn more.


Online Safety Hub

School districts receive their own branded Online Safety Hub with latest advice for parents, teachers and students. Includes warnings about trending dangers, plus more. Learn more.

Education and courses

Customer receive a full suite of online guides and courses specifically designed to engage their entire school community in online safety. Learn more.

Engagement and updates

Schools receive monthly newsletters and social media posts on the latest cyber safety & digital wellness topics to share across their communities.

The benefits to a
whole school community approach

Digital resilience
Equips students with the skills and mindset to navigate their online lives safely and with greater self assurance.
Self-directed behaviors
Helps cultivate responsible digital citizenship, enabling students to respect others' digital rights, and engage ethically.
De-escalation of risk
Online issues spotted at home can be dealt with more quickly and successfully, minimizing overspill into lesson time.
Improved learning

Significantly reduces the digital risks and distractions that impede learning. Better wellbeing equals better academic achievement.

Safer children

Helps spot risks quickly for earlier intervention. Creates more ways for students to speak up. Helps identify and close safety and wellbeing gaps.

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