Linewize Classwize 

Giving classroom control back to teachers. Supports effective teaching and learning in the modern, digital classroom.

Classwize - Highlights

Enables powerful, digital learning experiences for every class

Gives teachers real-time visibility and control over students' online activities in class.

Keeps students focused and on-task

Teachers can pre-plan online access, and see if students go off track. 

Reduced reliance on IT

Teachers can block or unblock sites easily before or during the class without relying on IT colleagues.

Full device and OS support

Includes managed BYOD for Chrome, Windows and MacOS.

Classwize - Watch at a glance

Key benefits

Minimize distraction:

Full teacher visibility

The Teacher Dashboard gives full visibility of students’ online activity in class, in real time.

Quickly spot off-task internet use

Spot inappropriate or off-task internet use as it happens and redirect attention as needed.

Internet access control

Prevent access to distracting, non-relevant websites and apps during the class. Close any tab a student is seeing if it’s off-task or inappropriate. Teacher-managed classroom internet policies mean the right websites and apps are available, as needed. No unwanted restrictions or delays. 


Maximize learning:

Guide and reinforce responsible use

Effectively guide students on the internet during class. Focus students on lesson-related content only by pre-selecting the specific apps and sites you want students to see during the class.

Introduce additional content as needed

Introduce any additional resource during the class and open on every student’s device simultaneously - or on individual devices only.

Get attention, quickly

Get everyone’s attention quickly by pausing the internet, either for the whole class, a group, or individual students.

Encourage positive behavior:

Support self-moderation

Support self-moderation by identifying and rewarding those students doing the right thing online.

Give rewards

Reward students with limited access to resources they wouldn’t normally access in school, such as gaming.

Discreet help

Send a direct message to an individual student without embarrassing them in front of the class or disturbing anyone else.


What our customers say

Video case studies:


US-District-School-SQ-logo-mount horeb area school district

Will Brueggeman

Technology Coordinator

Our classroom management tool has been a huge success in our classrooms. Teachers can be more proactive and control what students are doing on their Chromebooks. It has been a huge win for us. 

Mount Horeb Area School District


Vanessa Silvester

Deputy Principal

Classwize has certainly been helping in terms of distractions in the classroom. I know when they’re online they can only be on specific sites that I have allowed them to be on. I can open and close those sites quite easily and send messages to the children and see when they are off task.

Netherton School


Brendan Pitman


Classwize offered another level of security for our students and safety options for our staff. It was almost big brother like and meant we could see what our students were doing and monitor their activity. Classwize made a massive difference with our kids learning

Hikutaia School

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