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Project Prevention

Getting ahead of the youth mental health crisis this year.

As we gear up for back-to-school season, we cannot ignore the youth mental crisis that plagues schools around the country.

The Project Prevention webinar was designed to help schools to get ahead of the curve and address the biggest challenge districts face today: student mental health. 

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Watch the Webinar

Our goal is to equip you with the tools you need to build a strong safety net.

Synchronized technology — coupled with a core framework — can provide valuable insights on your student welfare.

And now more than ever, school staff are expected to protect the welfare of their student population.

Because no student should slip through the cracks.

Project Prevention Webinar

During this webinar, we demonstrate how a tech-enforced, safety-focused framework can help you:

Identify students in need

Detect students who may need urgent support and enable staff to offer timely intervention

Understand your students

Improve school culture with student voice data and empower them to speak up for themselves and their peers

Make informed decisions

Leverage whole-school data to inform wellbeing practices and programs and advocate for student resources

Show agenda

 Meet the Linewize team

 Why is Project Prevention happening now?

 Understanding the youth mental health crisis

 Digital Safety & Wellbeing Framework

Prevention, Intervention, Education

  How to be a leader in student safety

 Benefits of using framework-supported data

 Linewize Q&A

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Digital Safety & Wellbeing Framework

In an effort to support you, we’ve developed a framework that synchronizes our solutions.

The Linewize Wellbeing Framework addresses the pressing need for greater visibility in students’ digital lives.

By utilizing this comprehensive framework, schools can assess their current strategies and prioritize action areas where more visibility is needed for targeted support. 


Three Framework Pillars

Early Detection & Intervention

Our solutions here minimize exposure to known risks to prevent harms. They help decrease the need for intervention. They are the first step to a child-safe and healthy digital life.

Prevention & Enablement

Our solutions here help identify the early signs of safety and wellbeing issues. They enable prompt intervention and help prevent escalation of social, emotional, psychological or physical harm.

Education & Engagement

Solutions here educate and raise awareness of concerns. They facilitate school community engagement and empower them to be a key partner in safety & wellbeing objectives.


Why now?

Long gone are the days where we just needed to filter the Internet.

Today, we need to evolve and adapt just as quickly as students evolve and adapt to an increasingly connected world.

During this webinar, we'll talk about the role the EdTech plays in enabling schools to address this fundamental issue.

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