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Working at Wasabi

Mr. Worf, you do remember how to fire phasers? Then maybe you should consider this: if anything happens to them, Starfleet is going to want a full investigation. Damage report! When has justice ever been as simple as a rule book? In all trust, there is the possibility for betrayal. Worf, It's better than music. It's jazz. Travel time to the nearest starbase? 

But the probability of making a six is no greater than that of rolling a seven. Wait a minute - you've been declared dead. You can't give orders around here. The Federation's gone; the Borg is everywhere! I will obey your orders. I will serve this ship as First Officer. And in an attack against the Enterprise, I will die with this crew.



Silas Sales: the Software Engineer working with soul

Nothing excites Silas Sales more than a project with a good cause. After travelling across the world to finish his degree, he settled right in with us as a graduate Software Engineer. Two years on, he’s thrilled to be using his skills to bring about positive change in the future of tech. 

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Tina Searcy is proud to be working with purpose

Tina Searcy lives to give back to her community; she says helping others is what brings her the greatest joy. In her role heading up Customer Success in San Diego, California. Tina has experienced the perfect balance between growth and giving back – and she’s used her grace and empathy through it all.

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All systems go

Jeremy Browne is leaping into action as our Service Delivery Manager

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How Rohan Deshpande is inspiring our team to grow together

Rohan Deshpande is happiest when he has a problem to solve. It’s what fuels and motivates him in every task he undertakes. With a wide range of software engineering experience under his belt, he’s begun mentoring our team, so we can keep growing together.

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Adam Lee is helping shape the future of school cyber safety

Adam Lee lives and breathes sales. As our Director of Sales in San Diego, Adam spends his days coaching our Representatives and showcasing our products to potential customers. Motivated to make a lasting impact through his career, Adam says he’s never felt more at home than he does at Family Zone.

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Why Roze Kirsz is embracing her passion for tech

Roze Kirsz is versatility personified. She’s always felt drawn to technology, but after experiencing internet addiction as a teenager, she later realised the importance of parental controls on devices in the home. An equal balance of passion and practicality, Roze uses her creativity and strategic expertise to help turn our product briefs into a reality.

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Michael Hyndman uses his knowledge and passion for cyber security to help keep children safe online

All his life, Michael Hyndman has held an insatiable curiosity for technology. While working as an ethical hacker, Michael saw both the incredible possibilities and potential risks the Internet poses to young people. Today, as our Head of Security and Engineering Portfolio Manager, he is guided by his dedication to upholding children’s safety. His inspiration? His three children.

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David Ball’s story of growth and impact

David Ball has seen a lot of changes in the two years since he joined us. Still in the early stages of his career, David is excited about our rapid growth – and he can’t wait to see what’s next.

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