Care, always.


Learn. Solve. Repeat.


Win together.



Values matter here.

They help guide how we approach all that we do, for our customers, the community and each other.

They’re also what connects us and keeps us together, as we grow.

They set us apart.

Care, always.

We remember the importance of what we do. We don’t just turn up; we show up with integrity and will not give up until:

  • the job is done;
  • the customer is happy;
  • the teammate is supported, and;
  • the child is protected.

We own what we do and we stand behind it.


It feels amazing to work on the frontline of an organization that is growing at an accelerated rate. And the reason we do it is to ensure our children are kept safe.

Tina Searcy
Customer Success

Learn. Solve. Repeat.

We’re curious and we start with questions.

We're open to new ideas, to taking risks, and to learning from our mistakes.

We want to be challenged in an ongoing pursuit of excellence.


I thrive on variety, and the fact I can have that while making a meaningful difference is fantastic. I feel confident when facing new and exciting challenges – and it’s great to know my team is right behind me when I need the support.

Silas Sales
Software Engineer

Win together.

We want others to win. So we support, challenge and champion them.

We play our own part, with the team, customers and community front of mind.

We’re transparent and we communicate openly.

We trust and believe in each other. So we ask for help, and we get it.

I’m passionate about helping our organisation to grow while building a team and culture where everyone thrives.

Rohan Deshpande
Lead Engineer

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