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Wisdom beyond the content filter


Streamline administration

Empower your staff

Impact your community


Supported on iOS, Mac, Windows, Android & Chrome OS

Meeting the challenge of today’s connected learning environments

From content filtering and cyber-safety alerts, to teacher/student screen sharing, to ongoing education for your entire school community.
The Linewize ecosystem is the modern way to manage your tech & keep students safe with a school filter.

Linewize School Manager

Free up your network admins from constant monitoring. Lock in tamper-proof compliance. Pass micro controls to your staff - or simply reserve School Manager for full top-down administration.

Linewize Classwize

Give control back to teachers - with screen and content visibility of ALL devices in their classroom, including BYOD and personal mobiles.

Family Zone Community

It takes a community approach to keep students cyber-safe. Family Zone Community provides tools, resources and ongoing education for parents, teachers and students.

Content-filtering and cyber-safety in the classroom or at district level
Trusted by school communities across the globe

Lock in compliance, keep students cyber-safe at school, and educate your entire community around the values of digital citizenship and wellbeing.


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