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For School Communities

Community helps Districts educate their community on digital safety through a parent app, online safety hub, parent, student, teacher, counselor webinars and more.

Online safety through collaboration with tools, resources and ongoing education for parents, teachers and students


Parent app

Visibility and control of devices sent home. SIS integration associates parents with students and provides education on how their children use the internet at school, along with optional at-home personal device management


Online safety hub

School District branded online safety hub with up‑to‑the‑minute research, advice and support for parents, teachers and students


Engage your parent community

Dedicated digital and wellbeing expert assistance to help admins, superintendents and school media specialists with community outreach and parental engagement


Encourage responsible digital citizenship

Support positive online behaviors and reinforce positive elements of digital citizenship

It takes a community to keep students cyber-safe

App reviews and news

Timely warnings about trending online dangers, plus info and advice on the latest apps, games and social media

Engagement templates

Regularly updated email templates and social media posts on the latest cyber safety & digital wellness topics

Personal device management

Parents can optionally choose to manage their child’s personal devices by downloading the Connect app on these devices as well

Parental visibility of school time activity

The Connect app allows parents to view their child’s online activity on their school-issued devices, and help them navigate and nurture their child’s online journey

Webinars, online education and courses

A full suite of on-demand, live webinars and online guides to engage your entire school community in online safety

Tools for a better learning experience for educators and your school community.

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I came across Linewize through a good colleague of mine, who was actually testing out your solution and told me 'You should check them out'. So we did and it was love at first sight. You guys just nailed it!

Michael Elson, District Technology Coordinator
South Amboy Public Schools

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