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Linewize Monitor was designed to keep students safe, maintain compliance within school districts, and protect the privacy of children. Still, there are many questions school districts have about what it means to monitor students.

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How are we protecting student safety?

Student Safety Reimagined

In 2021, Linewize Monitor spotted a child at serious risk to health or life every 5 minutes. These are students who, without digital monitoring, could have gone unnoticed or noticed too late.

Linewize Monitor assesses your students’ online behaviors for risks. Our team of skilled moderators alert you via phone if any dangerous, high-risk activity is flagged.

Student safety & monitoring technology FAQs

Monitoring is the ability to observe students’ online behavior in real-time to pinpoint potential risks and ensure student safety. This type of monitoring helps protect students' personal information, protect them from vulnerabilities on social media, and educate them about internet safety.

As classrooms continue to shift onto virtual learning platforms, spotting unusual behavior has become increasingly difficult.  The following statistics collected by Linewize illustrate just how important monitoring is in today’s educational environment:

  • Every 5 minutes we spotted a child at serious risk. (71% increase on the previous year.)
  • Every hour we found a child facing a very serious risk to their health or life.
  • Every 22 minutes we found a child involved in a serious cyberbullying, bullying or violent incident.

The words students type, the websites they visit, the online conversations they have, and the images they share, can all reveal risks that cannot be seen with eyes and ears alone. Monitoring technology works by assessing and grading risk in real-time. 

With Linewize Monitor, low-grade risks are housed in the dashboard for staff members to view during their next login. Higher risks go to our team of highly trained human moderators to assess their severity. If they are deemed highly serious, our team will contact your school by email or phone.

Deploying Linewize Monitor is simple and straightforward. It can be as easy as flipping a switch, or a simple client download, depending on your current filtering provider.

Facts about Linewize Monitor

Does Do

Linewize Monitor assesses more risks at a higher level than any other monitoring solution on the market. How we grade and communicate potential risks is a key differentiator in our solution. Linewize Monitor:


Assesses Risks

Assesses risks across 7 key categories (including bullying, self harm, drugs, and more)

Human Support

Offers support from trained human moderators 24/7

Reduces Workload

Leverages cloud technology to reduce administrative workload and IT burden

Reduces False-Positives

Reduces the risk of delivering false-positive threats


Only alerts you to those that need attention

Myths about Linewize Monitor

Doesn't Do

Our monitoring solution has an extensive range of capabilities, but we understand part of keeping students safe online is protecting their privacy, too. Linewize Monitor does not:


Access Student Data

Keep student data indefinitely

Camera Access

Access video cameras on student devices

Access Personal Devices

Monitor personal student devices

Keep Sensitive Data

Overcollect or overshare sensitive student data

Substitute Mental Health Services

Act as a substitute for adequate on-site mental health resources

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