Digital Technologies in Schools

An introduction to the challenges schools face with student use of VPN's to bypass school internet filtering. 

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student with laptop

Classroom Internet Management for Teachers

This White Paper looks at 10 Strategies for Facilitating a 1:1 or BYOD Program in your Learning Space.

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cyberbullying and social media

Cyberbullying and Social Media: the shifting approach

This White Paper looks at the different approaches to social media in education and analyses the pros and cons of each approach.

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BYOD responsibility

Where does a school's responsibility for BYOD begin and end?

This white paper tackles the number one problem for school managers implementing Bring Your Own Device programs: how much responsibility rests with the school?

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Internet Access in Google Schools

Internet Management in Google Schools

This white paper discusses how to tackle common questions around cloud managed internet and network access for schools using G Suite.

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Internet Access on Microsoft Networks

Internet Management on Microsoft Networks

This white paper discusses the necessity of visibility, and capabilities of managing internet access on Microsoft networks with Linewize.

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BYOD getting started

BYOD - Getting Started

This White Paper shares Linewize’s insider knowledge of what makes a BYOD program succeed.

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