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For Teachers

Classwize provides full-screen visibility on all school-issued devices to keep students learning and teachers teaching

Giving classroom control back to teachers. See everything on every screen with our classroom screen monitoring software


Outstanding visibility

See which students are on task - and which are distracted - with screen monitoring


Granular control

Open or close tabs for individuals, groups or the entire class


Immediate feedback

Spot inappropriate or off-task internet use as it happens, and redirect attention as needed


Reward focus

Promote responsible digital citizenship by identifying and rewarding model online behavior

Make classroom online activity
an open book

Teacher dashboard

Equips teachers with real-time visibility and control over student internet activity

Tailored policies

Creates flexible, customizable access policies

Control of tabs and apps

Restricts learners’ access to specific apps and sites during lesson time

Reward good behavior

Guides and reinforces responsible use by students whose constructive internet use can be a model for others

Focus, focus, focus

Empowers teachers to tailor internet access to the lesson at hand, plus teacher/student chat

Create custom access rules

Allows access to content that may normally be blocked for the purpose of individual lessons

Tools for a better learning experience for educators and your school community.

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Several times during a recent project involving Chromebooks I though kids were off task - then I checked Classwize and realized they were on task, and I was able to praise them for their efforts and focus

Jason Pierce, Teacher
Bond County Community High School

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