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Linewize Pulse

60-second weekly student wellbeing check-ins


Linewize Pulse helps schools easily keep a pulse on student wellness.

Engage students with simple weekly check-ins to find and help those who need early intervention.

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What is Linewize Pulse?

Linewize Pulse is a student wellbeing platform that provides actionable insights on wellbeing and overall school culture through short 60-second, weekly check-ins. Pulse provides a snapshot into a student's mental wellness and anonymously gathers school trend-level data.

A student wellbeing platform designed to make it easy for districts to support youth

Lead with ownership

Take ownership of student wellbeing by leveraging Pulse to gain deeper insight into your school's overall health.

Actionable insights

Access historical wellbeing data to pinpoint and address patterns — before they become problems.

Fast results

Fast and simple onboarding.
Positively impact your school, students, and staff almost immediately.

Track your school climate over time

Keep tabs on at-risk individuals over time and track demographics and other risk factors by aggregating data.

Our student wellbeing analytics platform enables school admins to:

  Blue_CheckMake informed decisions about what programs to fund 

Blue_Check  Leverage Pulse data to support need-based grant applications

Blue_Check  Track the results of new wellbeing initiatives

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Encourage gratitude

Encourage students to be supportive of each other.

After students complete their check-in, Pulse prompts them to give a shout-out to a fellow student or a staff member. After all, showing and giving appreciation is proven to improve mental wellness.




 Access wellbeing resources

Take a holistic approach towards improving wellbeing.

Provide staff  with the relevant resources they need to support students. Access over 150 evidence-based Character Lab resources, including wellbeing tips and playbooks.


clockTake action 

Get insights into your students’ current wellbeing.

Translate data into early intervention and track changes over time for continuous improvement. An instant snapshot into student and school-wide wellbeing enables you to take corrective action. 



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Support students in need

Give students a simple way to reach out for help.

When a student flags that they need help, Pulse will connect them with a trusted teacher, school leader, or administrator of their choosing. By providing students a simple way to connect with staff they trust, they're more likely to reach out for help when they need it. 


Want to see Linewize Pulse in action?

Book a 15-minute demo to see how Linewize Pulse can transform student wellness and wellbeing in your school.

Hundreds of schools using Pulse have seen:


Hundreds of schools using Linewize Pulse


Learn more about Pulse


How has Linewize Pulse impacted our school partners?

Steadily over the years, our academics have improved. If students [want to be]in a classroom because they know that teacher cares about them on an academic and a personal level, then they’re more likely to let their guard down and really engage...

Emma Mac, Principal
LEAD Southeast Middle School
Nashville, TN

We have had students who reached out to ask for help through the Pulse platform in the first week. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: anything that saves even one student is worth doing. 

Mary Terese Lopata, Director of Guidance
Mercy Career & Technical High School
Philadelphia, PA

I love those sixty seconds that I get to actually think about how I feel. It’s a time I can be honest with myself. Asking for help or having a face-to-face conversation can be intimidating. Pulse makes it feel easy.

Student using Linewize Pulse

It’s probably the least time consuming thing we have brought on board in the last two years that has added the most value.

Rachel Wilding, Principal
Smart Vision School

Not sure where to start with your student wellness initiatives?

This guide and checklist will help you choose the best student wellbeing platform for your school.

Download now to learn:

  Blue_Check  What to look for in wellbeing solutions

Blue_Check    What to ask prospective vendors

Blue_Check    What to do before you make a decision

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