Linewize - release notes

Classwize 2021-007

3 December, 2021

Welcome to Classwize Release 2021-007

This week’s release is just a quick one to make some improvements for our schools that have Chat enabled.

  • We’ve returned the teacher-to-individual-student announcement feature to schools with Chat enabled. We had resounding feedback from teachers in these schools that they wanted multiple ways to message their students, and that meant bringing back individual announcements.
    Your school’s IT team can turn this back on using School Manager > Classwize Configuration > Message Students.
  • Chat now automatically toggles off at the end of every class, and we’ve added a little popup to remind you that will happen.
  • We’ve changed the meaning of the green and red dots in the chat interface.
    • Green dot: If you see the green dot, chat has been enabled and you have no unread messages.
    • Red dot: If you see the red dot, chat is enabled and you have one or more unread messages.