Linewize - release notes

Classwize 2022-002

22 February, 2022

Welcome to Classwize 2022-002!

The Student Journey Report is now integrated in Classwize. This highly requested feature is now available to approved teachers and allows approved teachers to generate reports on their students’ online activities within Classwize.

Student Journey Report Features

The Student Journey Report is comprehensive internet activity report for a single student that covers:

  • date and time of each visit to a site
  • searches made in Google and YouTube
  • videos that were viewed
  • whether a connection was allowed or blocked
  • how each activity is categorized

School time only

Classwize’s Student Journey Report only includes a student’s browsing history during the hours set as school time by your school or district’s IT department.

Create from Classwize

In Classwize, simply open a class and select BROWSING HISTORY > STUDENT JOURNEY, then fill out the Export dialog. The Student Journey Report will be sent by email.

Generate Student Journey Reports from the past 30 days

Most reports will take less than a minute to generate and can be produced for the past 30 days. Reports including the previous hour will be available one hour after they are requested.

How the Student Journey Report works

Only approved teachers can generate Student Journey Reports

Only selected teachers can access the Student Journey Report feature in Classwize. Teachers who wish to use this feature should request permission from their school or contact their school’s IT administrator.

Student Journey Report for Classwize must be enabled in School Manager

For Student Journey Reporting to become available in Classwize and for approved teachers, it must be enabled in School Manager. If the feature is not available for you, contact your school or district’s IT department.

Improvements & Fixes

Improvements to New Class creation

We’ve added a few tips to the Create New Class feature by briefly explaining what teachers can do when they set new classes in Teacher Mode or Monitor Mode. We’ve also tweaked the dialog’s text for consistency and clarity.

Fixed an issue with Class Settings

We’ve fixed an issue that could cause teachers to delete a class instead of removing students or teachers in the Class Settings dialog. Teachers will now receive a prompt that asks them to confirm if they want to delete a class each time they click on Delete Class.