Linewize - release notes

Classwize 2022-005

28 June, 2022

Welcome to Classwize 2022-005!

This release of Classwize features the new Screenshot History Report, a new reporting tool that lets you generate, view, and download reports of students’ browsing history as screenshots. Classwize now also lets you open Youtube videos in full-screen mode to avoid distraction.

New Features

Screenshot History Report

The Classwize Screenshot History Report:

  • Captures screenshots of a students’ browsing history every 10 seconds or each time they view another tab.
  • Makes available all screenshots within 30 seconds of being taken.
  • Stores screenshots up to 14 days.
  • Gives you access to your students’ screenshots taken from the active classes they attended in Classwize, including those that were run by other teachers.

The Screenshot History Report is available for teachers whose students are using Connect for Chrome. To access this feature, contact Classwize Support (United States (844) 723-3932 | Australia 1300 687 052 | New Zealand 0800 445 206).

Class Ready YouTube

Class Ready YouTube helps students avoid distraction by opening videos in full screen, while hiding comments, pre roll ads, suggested videos, like/dislike buttons, and other elements that can take attention away from the lesson. Students can still pause or play videos, adjust volume levels or set video resolutions.

To access this feature, use the Open Site feature in Classwize via Class Tools, Student Tile or Live View. Paste a YouTube video URL, then toggle Open in Full Screen Mode and the video will open in a new tab and play in full-screen for the students.

This feature is available for students using Connect for Chrome, Windows, and Mac.


We’ve made a few improvements in the background to make Classwize work for you better:

  • Faster connection times
  • Better tracking of user devices