Linewize - release notes

Connect for Windows 3.1.1

8 September, 2021

Welcome to Connect for Windows

Welcome to Connect for Windows release 3.1.1!

New Features and Improvements

  • We’ve made some big improvements to the refresh rate of student tiles. Student tiles should update up to three times more frequently and more regularly than before!
  • We renamed the Connect Windows service from "Family Zone Filter Client System Service" to "Network Connection Services".


  • We fixed a couple of issues that could occur on Student Activated Devices (SAD) that could stop them from sending screenshots to Classwize or using the proxy filter correctly.
  • The DNS server address could get stuck when the user changed between networks, with the agent trying to use the user’s previous or home network DNS address instead of the school’s network. 
  • When DNS filtering was disabled, the secondary DNS server address wasn’t being restored to its original, pre-filtering value.