Linewize - release notes

School Manager 2021-004 Release Notes

14 June, 2021

Welcome to School Manager 2021-004!

We’re continuing our work to make it easier to sort and arrange data in reports. We’ve also  introduced an improvement to user authentication and made a couple of tweaks to make your School Manager experience better!

New Improvements

A More Secure Way to Log On 

We have added another layer to the  security of your data by introducing encryption to LDAP credentials. 

A Better Way to View Tables

We’re continuing to improve the way we present data in tables. With new sorting capabilities, more reports than ever can be rearranged according to column headers and sorted in ascending or descending order.  

Users now have more control over how they view the following tables:

  • On Configuration Authentication:
    • SIS Integration
    • LDAP Servers
    • WMI
    • Timeouts
  • On Configuration > Users and Groups
    • Associations Exceptions
  • On Debugging
    • Permissions
    • Snapshots
  • On Debugging > Diagnostics:
    • Alarms


Instant Creation of New Time Periods 

We removed a little bug that prevented users from saving new time period configurations unless the Add button was clicked. Now new time periods created in Objects > Time Periods > Add Time Period are saved instantly just by pressing Enter. Of course, clicking the Add button is still an option. 

Browser Extension Connection Reporting Checkbox

We’ve removed the “Browser Extension Connection Reporting” toggle from the Device Options page. If you need to enable this feature, please contact Linewize Support (United States (844-723-3932) | Australia 1300 687 052 | New Zealand 0800 445 206).