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Linewize - release notes

School Manager 2021-006 Release Notes

27 July, 2021

Welcome to School Manager 2021-006!

We continue to add new improvements to reporting, navigation, and diagnostics to give you a more stable and secure School Manager experience. This also provides a few fixes for filtering downvote requests, navigation, and authentication.

New Features

New Time Range Slider for Student Journey Report Beta

The new Time Range slider allows users to generate more specific time frames for the Student Journey Report. The slider, which is available for reports that cover a window of 24 hours or less, allows users to further adjust their reports to more specific periods.

The Student Journey Report is on limited release. For more information about this feature, contact Linewize Support (United States (844-723-3932) | Australia 1300 687 052 | New Zealand 0800 445 206).

Time Zone is Added to the Student Journey Report’s Filename

This update improves the way the Student Journey Report’s filename is generated by including the School Manager device’s timezone instead of just its name. Adding the time zone to filenames helps administrators and users with Reporting/Pastoral Care permission to see instantly when the report was created and to ensure that they are working with the most relevant copy of the report.

Time zone is also included on the Student Journey Report’s cover page.

The Student Journey Report is on limited release. For more information about this feature, contact Linewize Support (United States (844-723-3932) | Australia 1300 687 052 | New Zealand 0800 445 206).

Search for Alarms

When you have a long history of alarms that were triggered when critical configurations were made within School Manager, it helps to be able to filter the list and locate a specific alarm. Search is now available in Diagnostics > Alarms to help IT administrators find and resolve issues more quickly. Simply enter a date or time stamp, type, or message in the Search bar, and the screen will display just the relevant information.

New User Interface Components for Filtering Reports

We have introduced new user interface components to help you filter reports and other areas of School Manager.

Fixed Issues

Fixed Confirmation Notifications for Lodged Downvote Requests

Users will receive confirmation that their downvotes for blocked websites have been lodged, including a message that their schools’ IT administrators will check if the categories for the blocked sites need to be updated. This fix also requires users to refresh the page before submitting another request to prevent them from accidentally lodging multiple downvotes.

Fixed Navigation Bars in Forms and Dialog Boxes

We have solved an issue that previously caused top navigation bars and headers in forms and dialog boxes to appear out of place when users are scrolling. With this fix, horizontal and vertical navigation bars now stay in place when users scroll up, down, or sideways.

Fixed Emailed Reports

We have fixed a bug that prevented some recipients from receiving Weekly Welfare and Weekly reports by email. Recipients can now receive these reports via email as scheduled.

Fixed Issues with Invalid Credentials and Blocked Student Dashboards

We have fixed an issue where authenticated users received prompts that their credentials were invalid, resulting in blocked access to student dashboards. Users can now successfully log on and navigate School Manager.