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School Manager 2021-011 Release Notes

14 September, 2021

Welcome to School Manager 2021-011!

We continue to add improvements to School Manager to make sure exporting the Student Journey Report is stable and Time Period Object configurations reflect the device’s time zone. We have also squashed a bug that caused a blank screen to appear in place of data.  

New Features and Fixes 

A more reliable Student Journey Report generation 

We have introduced a faster and more stable Student Journey Report  generation by limiting the time period coverage to a maximum of 30 days. This prevents the system from potentially freezing during export, as well as helps to manage the amount of data that is retrieved from the database. 

Logging of Student Journey Report export

School Manager now logs exporting of the Student Journey Report. The log will help in troubleshooting should an issue occur.

Device’s time zone is displayed when configuring Time Period objects 

We added a time zone feature to the Time Period Objects to prevent errors if you are configuring a School Manager device that is in another time zone. 

Fixed blank screens

We have fixed an issue that caused a blank screen to be displayed on the Statistics > Network interface instead of data.