Linewize - release notes

School Manager 2021-019 Release Notes

23 December, 2021

Welcome to School Manager 2021-019!

We have introduced more improvements to the Advanced Connection Search to help you generate reports more quickly and accurately. We have also introduced improvements to the emailed reports and squashed a few bugs.

The Advanced Search Report is on limited release to our Early Access Schools. To know more about this feature, contact  Linewize Support (United States (844-723-3932) | Australia 1300 687 052 | New Zealand 0800 445 206).

Updates & Improvements

Improved Advanced Connection Search

The Advanced Connection Search now features more accurate report generation.

The Date Picker now lets you choose a specific date range

The date picker now lets you choose a specific date range for generating Advanced Search Reports. Instead of selecting from a preset number of days, you can now specify the date range which results in more accurate and faster report generation. Should you reach the limit on the data set, the application will prompt you to adjust the parameters.

The Date Picker defaults to the current date

When you open Advanced Connection Search the date picker will show the current date by default, allowing for a more efficient and relevant report generation. And when you refresh or go back to the page, the date picker will still automatically select the current date.

Dropdown lists display options based on your selected date range

The dropdown lists which set the parameters for generating reports now more accurately reflect the selected date range. The options available in the dropdown lists increase or decrease according to the date range that you have selected.

The options for each dropdown reflects the available options that occur within the selected date range. If an option is not available in the drop down list, then that option did not occur within the specified date range.

Improved user experience for Emailed Reports

We have introduced several improvements to the Emailed Reports to give you a better user experience, including giving a crisper look to the Linewize logos in Red Flag Alert and Filtering Alert emails. We have also removed extra spaces to give our Rate Limiting emails a better look and feel.


Removed hyperlinks from URLs of blocked sites in emailed reports and alerts

To prevent accidental opening of filtered sites, we removed the hyperlinks from the URLs that are included in Email Alerts. When you receive a new Email Alert, the URL provided in the message will be in plain text instead of linked text.

An additional upcoming update will remove the hyperlinks from URLs for Red Flag emailed reports.

Fixed SIS import using OneRoster Oauth2

We have fixed an issue with OneRoster Oauth2, which caused importing data to fail. Data integration through Oauth2 now works and presents no issue.

Fixed a bug that caused a utility library to crash when emails have unicode characters.

We have fixed an issue with a shared library which previously crashed and prevented School Manager from sending important email alerts that contained unicode characters.