Linewize - release notes

Cloud Release 1.5.2

7 September, 2020

  • LW-1498: Classwize pause modal glitching when trying to remove multiple students
  • LW-1272: Search terms in /cybersafety/searches window show implied interactivity but are not clickable
  • LW-1430: Add User Modal: Validation message and invalid user details are not getting cleared off on modal close
  • LW-1488: Internal name is displayed in the Groups dropdown list on edit permission screen
  • LW-1515: School Manager Cloud throwing error when changing between us-1 and au-1
  • LW-891: Improve some tables in School Manager sorting logic
  • LW-1323: Improve Classwize “open url/tab” modal
  • LW-1328: “Apply to all students” checkbox for Pause Internet modal in Classwize
  • LW-1472: Change label on Classwize login page to include districts
  • LW-1477: Finish Classrooms -> Classwize language rebrand
  • LW-1489: Rename “Policy” to “Rule” for consistent teacher language in Classwize
  • LW-1480: Deprecate Classwize "Activity" tab
New Features
  • LW-1485: Add ClassLink support for teachers using Classwize