Linewize - release notes

Cloud Release 1.5.5

24 September, 2020

  • [EDUGCP-434] - MyLinewize cutover to GCP
  • [EDUGCP-408] - Improve performance in GCP when using a Reporting/Pastoral Care Administrator with a lot of groups
  • [EDUGCP-414] - Timezone in /managedevice/settings/device not loading
  • [EDUGCP-416] - Current Transfer Rate does not show a value
  • [EDUGCP-454] - Errors in Cybersafety > Blocked when drilling into Policies
  • [EDUGCP-455] - Online device showing as Offline on first and subsequent page loads
  • [EDUGCP-466] - New coredumps are not showing in Diagnostics > Coredumps
  • [EDUGCP-376] - Extract services to their own repo: Bandwidth-quotas worker
  • [EDUGCP-405] - Extract services to their own repo: surfwizewebv2
  • [LW-1482] - Use RealName instead of Username to identify users in Classwize
  • [LW-1563] - Poor performance of AES/devices is starting to impact cause issues, fix it
  • [LW-1585] - Improve Classlink authentication logic so it can only trigger once
  • [LW-1596] - Remove network topology and interfaces from Configuration > Dashboard
  • [LW-1541] - Add Rule Modal in Classwize missed some language changes
  • [LW-1548] - Region switching (US -> AU) needs to be more performant
  • [LW-1557] - Syslog config returns undefined values when new
New Features
  • [LW-1511] - When there is a system incident / planned maintenance we need to keep our users informed with integration to