Linewize - release notes

Cloud Release 1.5.6

12 October, 2020

New Features

  • We’ve made some big improvements to the Classwize “Rules” interface and workflow. You can now edit existing rules!
  • Classwize now shows your students’ real names instead of their system username wherever possible, and student tiles now display alphabetically by first name.
  • We’ve added functionality in School Manager that lets us display improved tooltips and provide in-application help and tutorials. We also gave ourselves the ability to use School Manager and Classwize to alert you to incidents and upcoming maintenance.
  • Saving changes to a class in Classwize now gives you an indication that it’s working away in the background instead of leaving you wondering if it was doing anything.
  • We’ve improved performance by optimising the Chrome extension’s configuration and doing a lot of other behind-the-scenes work.
  • School Manager Administrators can manually authenticate users from within School Manager.
  • We’ve standardised the “Close” user interface element in Classwize and improved the look and wording of the “Focus Class” interface.
  • We’ve improved the look of the “Help” information panel in Classwize, and made it easier for School Manager Administrators to keep the information in it current.
  • We’ve continued work migrating School Manager and Classwize to the Google Cloud Platform to improve performance and stability.

Bug Fixes

  • We’re deploying a fix to make “Search Blocking” and “Red Flags” use the same set of keywords. We’re rolling this out over the next few weeks, so it may take a little while for this to show up for you.
  • The “Weekly Wellbeing Reports” sections are now populated with correct information. We promise.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where teachers were unable to add students to a local group in Classwize.
  • Class Titles in Classwize should now display correctly when there is only one class.
  • Classrooms with special characters in their Title can now be opened from within School Manager.
  • School Manager should correctly display the IP addresses associated with “School Manager device > Configuration > Networking > Interfaces.
  • The School Manager Permissions table now shows the user-friendly name.
  • We’ve corrected the Pause Internet label and preview text for “Select Students” dropdown list.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where Classwize would make multiple login calls to Google/Azure authentication services when it didn’t need to.
  • School Manager now requires a valid MAC address when filtering by MAC address.
  • Classes in Classwize now end when their Group is deleted in School Manager.