Linewize - release notes

Classwize and School Manager (Cloud) Release 1.6.1

7 December, 2020

Welcome to Classwize and School Manager release 1.61!

Our focus for this release was to build on some of the work we’ve done in other releases over the past few months.  For Classwize users, this means improving our menus and interface to make it easier to use and give you more information about what’s going on in your class.  For School Manager users, we’re continuing to do work in the background to improve performance, particularly when syncing.

New Features

  • We now tell you if you can’t modify students in your Classwize class because they’re being managed by your school.
  • The toolbar in Classwize no longer gets hidden if you have a large class and scroll down the page.
  • You should no longer need to refresh Classwize to see changes you’ve made using the Modify Students tool.
  • If you’re not certain who you are, Classwize will not help you resolve any existential crises but it will now show who you’re logged in as.
  • We’ve improved the way that School Manager syncs with OneRoster, particularly for schools that have very large data sets. 
  • Teachers who were assigned to a Classwize class as observers were being treated as if they were students by Classwize, and being affected by all of the class tools settings.  We’ve made it so that doesn’t happen anymore if you use Exceptions in School Manager to add teachers to a class.
  • We’ve made some descriptions of configuration options in School Manager more, er, descriptive.
  • Classwize is now compatible with Python 3.9.0.

Bug Fixes

  • Substitute or relief teachers should now see all of the Classwize classrooms that they’re eligible to teach in.
  • We fixed an issue where keyword blocking wasn’t always working if the student was not on the school network.
  • School Manager's Alert Manager shouldn’t throw a tantrum when it encounters Red Flags containing certain uncommon unicode characters.
  • A recursive loop was causing Signature/Category searches in School Manager to get stuck at the ‘loading’ stage because they were stuck in a recursive loop.  
  • It was possible to use Classwize to send messages and set focus, reward and pause rules for students and have them apply even when your class wasn’t in session.  We’ve fixed this and also made it more clear which of your class tools can be used when your class isn’t in session.
  • We fixed an issue where School Manager administrators could see the Cyber Safety, Overview and Activity pages of groups they weren’t assigned to.
  • School Manager shouldn’t direct Australian users to US-based support.