Linewize - release notes

Classwize and School Manager (Cloud) Release 1.6.6

17 December, 2020

Welcome to Classwize and School Manager release 1.6.6!

This is our last major release for 2020, and our focus has been on laying the groundwork for things that we want to accomplish next year.  We’ve made our first steps towards providing better help for Classwize from within Classwize by adding a new Guide button which links to our Classwize cheat sheet pdf.  We’ve also started work making student tiles more informative and giving you a better idea of why you might not be seeing any activity from a student in your class.

Thank you all for your continued support this past year.  We’re very excited about what we’re planning to bring you in 2021!

New Features & Improvements

  • We’ve added a new Guide button to the Classwize menu.  This opens up a pdf cheat sheet covering the Classwize interface and how Class Tools work.  It’s a bit barebones at the moment, but it’s a  stepping stone to providing easier access to help information from inside Classwize.  Watch this space!
  • We’ve updated what Classwize student tiles show when Classwize can’t see any activity from a student.  Previously the student would show up as offline when that wasn’t always the case.
  • We’ve given School Manager administrators the ability to stop users from being able to logout from the block page.
  • The Send Message Class Tool in Classwize stores the last message you sent to your students.  The drawback of that, aside from being able to see the embarrassing typos you made, was that you had to manually delete the old text before you could send a new message with new typos.  We’ve now added a ‘Clear’ button to quickly remove the old message text.
  • Our Australian School Manager support phone number has changed and we changed the support menu accordingly.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an uncommon issue where OneRoster and ClassLink syncs would fail because it had a sync status of ‘none’.
  • In very large schools with tens of thousands of classes, adding or editing a class shouldn’t cause School Manager and Classwize to timeout or give an internal server error any more. 
  • We fixed an issue where clicking on a Red Flag in School Manager would return a ‘no data to display’ error.
  • Video views and search counts should now correctly update if you change the time period of a User Timeline Report in School Manager.