Linewize - release notes

Classwize and School Manager (Cloud) Release 1.6.7

14 January, 2021

Welcome to Classwize and School Manager release 1.6.7!

We’re hoping to start 2021 off with a bang for you, releasing the first of many new features we have planned for both School Manager and Classwize and laying the groundwork for several more.

1.6.7 begins with some Classwize quality-of-life improvements. In addition to the usual bug fixes and tweaks, we’ve  changed the way you start and end unscheduled class sessions. Instead of giving a class session a set duration, you can select or set your desired end time. You can also stop or extend these sessions while the class is running!

With this release we’re also laying the groundwork for two important features, one in Classwize and one in School Manager:

Coming Soon

School Manager: Phase One of the Student Journey Report

We’re committed to bringing you more and more useful information about what students are viewing online throughout the day. We’re making a bunch of changes in the back end to give your richer data in a better interface called the Student Journey Report, so watch this space!

Classwize: Close Student Tab

We’re making some changes to prepare for the release of the new Close Tab function in Classwize, which will let you close any Chrome tab a student has open. Most of these changes are behind the scenes, but we have removed the ability to create rules directly from the student’s tile. You can still set rules for individual students by using the Rules tool.

New Features & Improvements

  • Starting a new class? Just pick when you want it to end! And if you want to extend it or stop it early, you can now do that too!
  • If we have the student’s machine name, we’ll now show it to you in School Manager’s student timeline.
  • We've improved the way that School Manager synchronizes with Clever.
  • Classwize users may notice that the Block toggle is gone from the student tile. This is part of the work to prepare for the upcoming Close Tab feature. You can still create Rules that block a signature for a single student using the Rules tool.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a rare issue where students’ connections were being linked to the wrong signature if captive portal was enabled in School Manager, and another where searches containing special characters weren’t always being correctly flagged.
  • School Manager will no longer get stuck loading if you delete all Object Pools in Configuration > Objects > Pools.
  • School Manager wasn’t letting you add top level domains or other urls that begin with a full stop to object pools on Configuration > Objects > Pools.
  • We fixed some typeos typos.
  • Alternating between Pausing the internet and Focusing students could sometimes cause Classwize to crash. We don’t crash when you do this anymore.
  • We fixed some Classwize UI glitches that happened when you had lots of classes.